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Using Square to Accept Card Payments at Craft Shows and Markets

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Imagine having an eager customer at your booth ready to spend big bucks. The deal seems done until you hear these five gut-wrenching words. “Do you take credit cards?” According to Payments Canada, 47% of Canadians say they have backed out of a purchase when they couldn’t pay by card. Your income is potentially cut in half when your small business only accepts cash or cheques. By using Square for credit card payments, you have a convenient way to sell on the go and earn more.

Taking Credit Cards at Craft Shows

Craft fairs are busy events where customers love to browse and make impulse buys. Seize the moment when a customer is on the cusp of saying “yes” by simplifying the payment process. The three main options include:

  • Magstripe reader: The free basic card reader lets you swipe cards with a magnetic strip. The downside? Swipe cards are less secure, and EMV cards have largely replaced them. That makes you liable for fraud disputes if you swipe a card that has an EMV chip.
  • Contactless reader: This paid version supports swipe cards, EMV chip cards, and mobile wallet payments. Customers insert or tap a chip card, depending on the card features. With contactless payments, customers use their smartphones to send payment details wirelessly using a third-party wallet service, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Key-in transactions: Manually add payments to your account when customers want to make a purchase without a card. You do so at your own risk and should ask for ID verification to avoid fraud.

Benefits of Taking Credit Cards at Craft Shows

When you take credit cards for payment at craft shows, you’re likely to see your sales increase, since many potential customers at these shows don’t carry much cash. Customers appreciate the convenience and security of being able to use a credit or debit card. You also can serve a greater number of customers, since processing a credit card is faster and easier than counting out change or taking down all the information needed to accept a cheque safely. You also run no risk of a cheque bouncing, and you don’t have to deal with the security risk of keeping lots of cash on hand as your sales add up.

What Is Square Payment Processing?

Square is a payment service provider (PSP) that offers POS solutions for small businesses. Entrepreneur Jim McKelvey co-founded the company after losing a $2,000 sale for his glassblowing business because he didn’t accept credit cards. You set up an online account, and Square provides a free mobile card reader and online apps to manage your sales. Just plug the card reader into your tablet or smartphone, and pay a transaction fee per swipe.

The Benefits of Square Payment Processing

Wondering if you really need a PSP? Customers who carry large amounts of cash are a rarity. And the risk of losing a sale is higher with big-ticket products. Normally, you have to set up a merchant account with a bank to process debit and credit cards. But getting approved takes time, and the equipment and processing costs quickly add up.

How Square Payment Processing Works

Keep in mind, Square card readers are battery-powered and work best with a wireless connection. Make sure you have reliable Wi-Fi, cellular data, or a mobile hotspot to post purchases to your account instantly. Otherwise, use offline mode to store transactions until you can sync them to your dashboard.

Mobile card readers are beneficial for any seller who collects payment in person, at trade shows, kiosks, food carts, farmers’ markets, boutiques, and more. The same goes for mobile businesses that involve on-site service, such as plumbing, personal training, or pet grooming. The Square dashboard lets you create an inventory for faster pricing and checkout. By listing products and services on the receipt, you improve your sales records and reduce the chance of a customer dispute.

Approval with Square is fast and easy, even if your business is brand new or running on a dime. Because all rates are fixed, you don’t have to deal with long-term contracts, subscriptions, or setup fees. Payments typically reach your account in one day, averting any cash-flow crises.

Are you already using sales and accounting apps to organize payments? Square syncs with Quickbooks, so you don’t have to piece together data spread across many platforms. QuickBooks Online can help you get paid faster. Start accepting payments today with QuickBooks.

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