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What is an Electronic Signature?

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An electronic signature is a legally binding, digital version of a handwritten signature. Electronic signatures can be useful if you need to send contracts to freelancers, clients, or others.

This technology lets you put a signature on a document without the hassles of scanning, printing, signing, and faxing. Instead, you can simply view documents online and add your signature electronically.

Companies such as PandaDoc eSignatures software &  DocuSign help to facilitate electronic signatures for small business owners, including real estate agents and financial services professionals. The program allows you to upload documents in multiple formats or take documents from file-sharing platforms such as DropBox. You can notate where documents need to be signed or initialed, just as you can in real life. Then, you simply forward the document to the signatories with easy-to-follow instructions.

On the flip side, if someone emails you a document, you can also use DocuSign to add your signature. As of 2017, the service charges a monthly fee subscription fee. Similarly, QuickBooks Online Mobile sync with your accounting software and allow you to capture customer signatures on invoices. Tools like this can also help reduce the burden of obtaining signatures in person or the hassles related to mailing documents.

Digital signatures help you move more of your business processes online. In many industries, they can help you save time and reduce your reliance on paper.

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