Cash flow

Identifying clients who need help the most

Some of your clients will need more help—and need it sooner than others. There are a few things you can do to assess which clients need your immediate attention. This will make it easier for you to create an action plan across your practice and provide support and expertise to your clients during the next few months of uncertainty.

Current economic volatility affects your clients in different ways, depending in large part on their industry and the number of employees they have.

Several industries are facing significant challenges, including:

  • dining
  • retail
  • hospitality
  • automotive and
  • many other service-based sectors.

Prioritizing your clients based on the type of business they have can help you manage your outreach strategy.

As you continue to reach out to your clients, you can reassure them that you’re staying on top of evolving changes and you have the information to help them make the best decisions they can for their business.

Check out a sample email

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