QuickBooks Cocktails and Connections Recap

‘Zoom Fatigue’ (or, as we’re calling it, ZF) is real. According to Psychiatric Times, ZF is the overuse of virtual communication platforms resulting in “tiredness, worry, or burnout.” Turns out, you and many within our accountant and bookkeeping community are suffering from this ailment.

How Do We Know?

In a recent Intuit® Canada Events Team survey, we asked you what we should do in place of the postponed QuickBooks Connect Toronto (courtesy of COVID-19), and you clearly expressed that you were tired of Zoom meetings and fatigued by the same ol’ virtual events where everyone stares at a computer screen. We heard you and decided to shake things up by creating the Cocktails & Connections event, by QuickBooks®.

This interactive virtual event took place Thursday, December 10, 2020, and we’re happy to report that it was a huge success. Here’s a recap.

Fun at Cocktails & Connections, by QuickBooks

The Cocktails & Connections virtual event kicked off with opening remarks and an exciting product review by Intuit Canada’s David Marquis, Country Manager; Melika Hope, Head of Product, Small Business & Self Employed Group; and Graham Sharples, Head of Product, Accountant Ecosystem.

Directly after their warm welcome, attendees headed into the virtual workshop they signed up for during registration. The best part? Not one of the workshops had anything to do with accounting or bookkeeping. From cocktail making, creative drawing, and chocolate truffle making to a trivia challenge, a comedy magic show, and a book club, every attendee found a creative outlet.

Let’s take a quick look at what each workshop offered, starting with the most popular choice.

Comedy Magic Show

We can assure you that, at no time, was anyone staring blankly at the screen during this virtual magic show. With active participation by attendees during the comedy, mentalism, and mind-reading tricks, there was plenty of laughter to go around, and we all know laughter is the best medicine. In addition, the fancy Zoom tricks gave everyone a chance to appreciate the video conferencing platform in a new light.

Cocktail Making Workshop

It should come as no surprise that this workshop was another popular choice. After registering, attendees received customized cocktail kits containing everything they needed to try out bartending for themselves. Expert instructors described ingredients as well as techniques and shaker tosses, while the novice bartenders followed along in the comfort of their own homes.

Book Club

Renowned keynote speaker, author, and CEO, Ron Tite, brought his signature humour and pragmatic insights to the Book Club Workshop. His book, “Think. Do. Say. How to seize attention and build truth in a busy, busy world,” was the centre point for the interactive discussion, and attendees were able to learn directly from the master on how to make good things happen for themselves and their organizations. They also received a free e-copy of the book after the session.

Creative Drawing Workshop

Attendees spent a relaxing but creative 45 minutes learning the basics of drawing. The class provided tips and tricks on expanding their artistic skills, which they could continue on their own with their drawing kit, compliments of the QuickBooks Events team.

Chocolate Truffle Making Workshop

With the holiday season upon us, making truffles was an inspired and delicious choice. Ganache, chocolate shells, candy coatings, and more were discussed as attendees learned about the art of crafting the perfect chocolate truffle.

Trivia Challenge

It’s safe to say that we have a lot of smart accountants and bookkeepers in our community. In fact, we found out how many as attendees answered the quiz master’s theme-specific and general questions. Everyone had a good time, especially the top 10 trivia masters who were awarded with some great prizes.

The consensus is that the Cocktails & Connections workshops were enjoyed by all, but they were not the end of the event. Everyone came together again for live entertainment by Signal Hill, a popular band hailing from Nova Scotia, and a short but fun session of networking before goodbyes were said.

What’s Next?

Thanks to all of you who participated, our Cocktails & Connections event, by QuickBooks, was a complete success and the perfect remedy for the very real Zoom Fatigue.

We’re now excited to turn our attention to QuickBooks Connect coming in Spring 2021. Stay tuned as particulars for that event will be coming soon, but remember that you can check out QuickBooks Connect at any time—it’s always on.

For general information about other upcoming events, please reach out to your account manager or check out our events page for more details.

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