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5 Best Books for New Entrepreneurs

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For entrepreneurs starting a new business, a good business education doesn’t necessarily require getting an MBA degree. You can put together your own education for entrepreneurial success with a good reading list that offers insights, advice, and inspiration for navigating your way to creating a super-successful business. New entrepreneurs can especially benefit from reading good business books, as they may not have the extensive knowledge base of more experienced business creators. Here are five of the best books for new entrepreneurs to read.

The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries

Many new entrepreneurs have limited capital resources, making it essential to utilize the resources they have to the fullest. “The Lean Startup” can help you create a business that manages capital efficiently and leverages creativity to maximum effect. Ries presents lessons gleaned from lean manufacturing processes and applies them to business startups. This book offers numerous suggestions for creating a business that is able to respond to changing market conditions rapidly and profitably. Included are tactics for shortening product development cycles and for accurately ascertaining exactly what your potential customers want.

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” is probably the single most-recommended book for entrepreneurs or just anyone who wants to achieve success in any arena. This classic not only provides excellent lessons and guidance in business and finance, but is also considered one of the best overall self-help books ever written. First published during the Great Depression, in 1937, Hill’s book presents the laws and principles of success that he learned from over two decades spent researching successful individuals and identifying the common characteristics they share.

A Paperboy’s Fable, by Deep Patel

“A Paperboy’s Fable” is Deep Patel’s chronicle of the rise of his father from being a teenage paperboy to a successful business owner. In relating his father’s personal journey as an entrepreneur, Patel reveals the important steps that lead to the success of any business venture. In addition to the entertaining personal tale, Patel’s book also includes other valuable resources in the form of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, teachers, and a military commander. The book is an entertaining read and full of good guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius

The philosophical ruminations of a Roman emperor might not be the first book grabbed by someone wanting to learn how to succeed as an entrepreneur, but this is the book that billionaire founder and CEO of the major technology firm Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, credits for much of her success. The philosophical essays in the book contain key life lessons on subjects such as coping with adversity and how to successfully interact with people.

Smarter Faster Better, by Charles Duhigg

Duhigg’s book, packed with interesting stories from television producers, pilots, and poker players, is a guide to maximizing productivity. Duhigg drives home the theme that maximum productivity doesn’t come from working more or harder, but instead is a result of key things such as making the right choices, properly setting goals, and associating with the right people. This book is one of the best blueprints for working smarter, not harder.

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