Free Paint Job Invoice Template

Are you a professional painter looking to impress your clients and get paid faster? Or, are you an amateur painter looking to enter the professional arena as an independent contractor? Use our downloadable paint job invoice template to make billing your clients quick and easy.


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Common Items on a Painter’s Invoice


While each painting job is unique, painters usually include sections for consultation, labour, and materials. You may also want to include a category for extras when applicable.




Did you meet with the client beforehand to discuss colour combinations? Did you go to the local paint shop to pick up colour samples? Your time is valuable, so don’t forget to charge for your efforts preparing for the project. Some painters offer this service free in order to attract business, but you may want to charge a flat or hourly rate for consultation services once your business is more established.




This section is where you charge for the time spent actually painting the house. Some painters charge by the area, some charge a flat daily rate, and others charge an hourly rate. If you charge by the area, be sure to include the square footage of each room. If you work with a team, you may find that it’s easier to charge a flat daily rate and then divide the profits among your crew after the job is over. If you charge by the hour, include the exact time and dates when you started and completed working.




Some clients may provide paint for you, but it’s common for painters to bring their own materials. Before starting a job, make sure the client knows if they’re expected to reimburse you for materials, or if they’re included in your rate. In addition to paint, many painters also charge for masking plastic and paper, caulk, primer, tape, brushes, and rollers.




Did your team end up having to peel wallpaper to make a surface paintable? Did you have to power wash the exterior of a building? Or, maybe the client requested that you also paint the kitchen trim, which requires an expert’s touch. If you and/or your crew had to perform extra duties beyond what was initially agreed upon, you deserve to be compensated. Your extras section is where all the miscellaneous charges go.


What to Charge


There are many factors to consider when charging your clients, including your experience and skill level. Be sure to check sites like PayScale or Neuvoo for the most current pay rates for painters in Canada. According to Neuvoo, in Canada, the average hourly rate for a painter is $21.50 in 2019. However, that rate may be higher or lower depending on your region.


When to Provide an Invoice


Providing an invoice upon completion of the project is standard in the home improvement industry. However, these days, many clients prefer to handle payments online. QuickBooks Online makes sending online invoices a breeze, or you can use printable invoice templates if you prefer to deliver a hard copy by hand. You can even use QuickBooks Online to automate the invoicing process entirely, ensuring that you get paid quickly as soon as the project is finished.