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Using QuickBooks Tax

Start: Use a Workpapers GIFI File

  1. In QuickBooks go to the WorkPapers section for your client’s books
  2. Check the Working Trial Balance, and the GIFI Mapping to ensure that all the work is completed. Any unassigned codes can be done under GIFI mapping section
  3. To assign GIFI Codes Go through the list and click on Assign GIFI Codes
  4. A row will appear beneath the line you wish to map, and select the GIFI code from the list
  5. Once completed click on Save GIFI code at the top right corner
  6. This will save the information in a GIFI File format
  7. Open the ‘Tax Return’ tab in the left navigation
  8. Create a new return with import the GIFI codes into.
  9. -> Jump to Begin the return
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