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4 Email Encryption Tools For Your Small Business

Email encryption acts like a secret code so that the information you send and receive can only be decoded by the recipient. Otherwise, the email you send is more like a postcard, allowing anyone that hacks into your network to access and read it. There are many tools that you can use to help beef up your online security, but if you have to send personal information via email (such as private health information, mobile phone numbers, or credit card information), one of the easiest protections you can take is encrypting your email. Many email servers have plug-ins that let you encrypt your email, and there are many tools on the market that have features and encryption methods to help keep your communication secure.

Lone Entrepreneurs With Minimal Concern: HushMail For Business

Vancouver-based HushMail For Business is a free service for single users that’s easy to use and sign up for. It’s a simple service with minimal features, making it easy to use if you don’t need to have complex encryption. There’s also a premium version of the service if you’re dealing with multiple users and more sensitive information.

Pros With Many Devices and Many Clients: Enlocked

Enlocked doesn’t require a login, a password, or a key to encrypt your emails. You can use it with a plugin, an app, or a web-based interface. It introduces a button within an email that says “send secure” to help encrypt your sensitive information. It uses a password for the sender and a key for the recipient, and the recipient doesn’t need an account to open the email.

Easy Solution for Chrome and Gmail Users: SafeGmail

SafeGmail is a Chrome extension you can install that automatically encrypts incoming and outgoing messages from your email. Once you push the “encrypt” button on the email, SafeGmail prompts you to enter your password; the recipient uses a password to decrypt the email upon receiving it. With this method, you need to make sure your recipient knows the password just be sure not to send it via email or text message.

Multiple Workers With Sensitive Information: Zixmail

Zixmail is a paid tool, but it’s a simplified way to encrypt without extra password steps. Because it’s based on a server connection, all you have to do is push “send,” and Zix takes care of encrypting and decrypting for you. Zixmail also has word filters that trigger encryption. There are many email encryption tools on the market. It’s best to do some research on the encryption tools you’re considering, or you can sign up for a free trial to see which tools work best for your business. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options or unsure of how to make your business secure online, then it might be worth speaking with a security consultant to get advice on your options.

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