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How to Accept Payments With QuickBooks

How do you get paid? If you’re a small business owner that accepts or wants to accept credit cards, QuickBooks makes it easier than ever to do so.

QuickBooks recently launched a new bundle for QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS) that allows any small business to get paid in their office, store, or on the go, so you can keep your cash flow in great shape. Your small business can now accept credit card payments with QuickBooks software.

Benefits of Using QBO Payments Feature

Accepting payments with the QuickBooks online payments feature not only makes life easy but also helps you make the process super efficient. Following are the key benefits you and your business can take advantage of by using the QuickBooks payments feature:

1. Send and accept payment quickly 

The QBO payments feature allows you to send invoices with a “pay now” button. This gives customers the option to access invoices and make payments online. This has proven to be four times faster than the traditional way of paper invoicing, helping you get your money sooner.

2. Schedule recurring payments 

You can also use the payments feature to set recurring automatic payments with your customers. This option makes life easy for the customers since they don’t have to worry about going through the payment process every time, and it ensures you get your money on time. 

3. Give customers more options to pay 

The Pay Now button allows customers to pay using their credit card or Apple pay. Credit cards accepted include MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. This wide option to pay makes payments easy and efficient for customers. 

4. Track payments

Get real-time payment status updates when customers view and pay invoices and when the money is deposited into your account. This seamless user experience makes receiving payments easy and efficient. 

5. Get consolidated reports on cash inflows 

Get consolidated reports on all the money coming in to get an income overview organized for you on your QuickBooks Online account. This bird’s eye view of payments will give you a good understanding of your cash inflows, which can help your business’s bookkeeping. 

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How to Accept Payments with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online allows you, as a small business owner, to accept online payments and credit card payments. Take the following steps to set up QuickBooks to accept payments:

  1. Click the Gear menu in QuickBooks, and click Company Settings in the Settings section.
  2. If you aren’t already subscribed to a Payments plan, click Payments, and then click Learn More.
  3. Choose a plan, and enter all the required information, including bank account information for recording deposits.
  4. To create an invoice that offers payment options, click the plus sign at the top, and click Invoice.
  5. Enter all the required information, and choose the types of online payment you accept.
  6. To receive mobile payments, click the plus sign at the top, click Receive Payment, and click Enter Credit Card Details.
  7. Either enter the credit card information of your client.

Streamline Payments with QuickBooks Online and Square

Are you spending more time manually entering data and filling out spreadsheets than you spend on your customers? When your business closes at the end of each day, is your work just getting started?

QuickBooks Online and Square are here to help, allowing your small businesses to seamlessly import all daily payments made through the platforms. This helps protect your small business from fraud, thanks to the integration app Sync with Square, available in Square App Marketplace.

Sync with Square also saves you time by automatically importing Square sales data into QuickBooks Online. You can set up the integration with just a few clicks. QuickBooks Online then provides a detailed breakdown of all Square transactions, ensuring your financial data is accurate and up to date. Spending less time managing your accounting allows you to spend more time building relationships with your customers and growing your business.

Keeping up with your finances is essential when you’re a small business owner. You need an online software program that helps you organize accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable, payments, and so much more. QuickBooks Online can help you get paid faster. Start accepting payments today with QuickBooks.

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