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15 Must-Have Apps for Freelance Tutors in Canada

If you’re a freelance tutor in Canada or you run a business that connects tutors with students, you may be happy to learn about the many apps available to help you do your job — or organize your freelancing. Technology is opening doors to let freelance tutors teach over the internet, to facilitate setting tutoring appointments, and to provide valuable content to pass along to their students.

Online Learning Platforms and Tools

Apps for tutors include homework help, course management apps, virtual whiteboards, and even lectures. Some of the most useful apps include:

  • IDrop: This virtual whiteboard lets tutors diagram everything from chemical formulas to sentence structure, and it connects students to tutors virtually regardless of location.
  • Ziizoo: This app goes where students already are — Facebook — to connect them to tutors on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Global Scholar: Personalization on a student-by-student basis is the name of the game for this app, which allows progress tracking and is popular among many school districts.

Elementary School Tutoring Apps

A wealth of apps is available to help make learning fun and accessible to elementary school kids. Whether you’re tutoring math, reading, science, or geography, you can find apps that help convey the heart of your lesson:

  • Chance Lab: This app teaches the basic principles of probability to elementary schoolers.
  • Jungle Time: Even young kids can learn to tell time on an analog clock with this handy app — and yes, it teaches how to read Roman numerals so that the grandfather clock in the hallway makes sense.
  • Motion Math: Visual games help to convey mathematical concepts and develop math fluency.
  • Quick Math Pack: This app is ideal for the student wanting to speed up their math skills, providing timed lessons on multiplication, fractions, and mental math.
  • Memrise: Many tutors and teachers consider this app a major help when trying to teach foreign language.
  • Periodic Table: This chemistry app lets you set the level of your students and provides the appropriate info about the elements.
  • Tinybop: This collection of apps introduces the youngest learners to basic scientific areas, including the human body and how machines work.
  • Sentence Builder: Elementary students may think they’re playing a game, but actually they’re learning the basic rules of grammar.
  • Write About This: Struggling young writers start to get excited about conveying their thoughts in writing with the help of this innovative app.

Connecting Tutors to Students

With increased use of mobile devices, the ability of tutors to connect with students continues to expand. Tutoring remotely may be more economically feasible for many struggling students, and several apps make it possible to match the right tutor with each student and subject. Tutoring puts out a student’s call for a tutor throughout a geographic area, then connects them via the app. With Whiz Tutor, parents and students can choose a tutor based on grade level and subject, even texting specific areas where help is needed to find just the right tutor. Scholarly functions as an on-demand app that connects students to tutors with no waiting, so it’s ideal when a student gets stuck on a homework problem or is prepping for a big test.

When you need to find a tutor or students to tutor, or if you’re looking for homework help or a way to explain difficult concepts, there’s an app for that.

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