QBOA Pro Tax & ProFile T1 forms and schedules

The following chart outlines the T1 forms and schedules that are currently available in QBOA Pro Tax and ProFile.

Form Name QBOA Pro Tax ProFile
5Year T15YearTaxSummary Yes
AB428 ab428 Yes
AB428MJ ab428mj Yes
ABCredits abcredits Yes
ABS11 abs11 Yes Yes
ABS2 abs2 Yes Yes
Bankruptcy Bankrupt Yes
BC428 bc428 Yes
BC428MJ bc428mj Yes
BC479 bc479 Yes Yes
BCCredits bccredits Yes
BCS11 bcs11 Yes Yes
BCS12 bcs12 Yes
BCS2 bcs2 Yes Yes
BusAuto AutoBusiness Yes
Carryfwd T1CarryFWD Yes
Comparative T1ComparativeTaxSummary Yes
CPT20 cpt20 Yes
DataImportSummary CRAImportSummary Yes
DC905 dc905 Yes
Dependant T1Dependant Yes Yes
Donations T1Donations Yes Yes
Foreign Foreign Yes
FTC ForeignTaxCredits Yes Yes
GST T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.AB T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.BC T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.MB T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.NB T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.NL T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.NS T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.NT T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.NU T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.ON T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.PE T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.QC T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.SK T1GSTCredit Yes
GST.YT T1GSTCredit Yes
GST370 gst370 Yes
Info T1Information Yes Yes
Instalments T1Instalments Yes
LE35 TP1LE35 Yes
LM-3 LMU3D Yes
LM-53 TP1LM53 Yes
LossLPP T1ListedPersonalPropertyLosses Yes
LossNetCap T1NetCapitalLosses Yes
LossNonCap T1NonCapitalLosses Yes
MB428 mb428 Yes
MB428MJ mb428mj Yes
MB479 mb479 Yes Yes
MBCredits mbcredits Yes
MBS11 mbs11 Yes
MBS2 mbs2 Yes Yes
Medical T1MedicalExpenses Yes Yes
MR69 TP1MR69 Yes
NB428 nb428 Yes
NB428MJ nb428mj Yes
NBCredits NBCredits Yes
NBS11 nbs11 Yes
NBS12 nbs12 Yes
NBS2 nbs2 Yes Yes
NL428 NF428 Yes
NL428mj nf428mj Yes
NLCredits NFCredits Yes
NLS11 NFS11 Yes
NLS2 NFS2 Yes Yes
NRTC T1ComparativeNRTCSummary Yes
NS428 ns428 Yes
NS428MJ ns428mj Yes
NSCredits nscredits Yes
NSS11 nss11 Yes
NSS2 nss2 Yes Yes
NT428 nt428 Yes
NT428MJ nt428mj Yes
NT479 nt479 Yes Yes
NTCredits ntcredits Yes
NTS11 nts11 Yes
NTS2 nts2 Yes Yes
NU428 nu428 Yes
NU428MJ nu428mj Yes
NU479 nu479 Yes Yes
NUCredits nucredits Yes
NUS11 nus11 Yes
NUS2 nus2 Yes Yes
ON-Care Yes
ON428 on428 Yes Yes
ON428A ON428A Yes
ON428MJ on428mj Yes
ON479 on479 Yes Yes
ONBen onben Yes Yes
ONCredits oncredits Yes
ONS11 ons11 Yes Yes
ONS2 ons2 Yes Yes
OtherCredits T1OtherCredits Yes Yes
OtherDeduct T1OtherDeductions Yes Yes
OtherIncome T1OtherIncome Yes Yes
PE428 pe428 Yes
PE428MJ pe428mj Yes
PECredits pecredits Yes
PES11 pes11 Yes
PES2 pes2 Yes Yes
Plan T1TaxPlanner Yes
RA T1ResourceActivities Yes
RC210 rc210 Yes
RC267 rc267 Yes
RC268 rc268 Yes
RC269 rc269 Yes
RC359 RC359 Yes
RC360 RC360 Yes
RC381 RC381 Yes
RC383 RC383 Yes
RC59 rc59 Yes
RC59X RC59x Yes
RC62 UCCB Yes Yes
RC71 RC71 Yes
RC72 RC72 Yes
Rental rental Yes
Repay T1SocialBenefitsRepayment Yes
Resource T1Resource Yes
ResourceAsset T1ResourceAsset Yes
ResourceAssetList T1ResourceAssetList Yes
ResourceCCA T1ResourceCCAClass Yes
ResourceCCAS T1ResourceCCA Yes
RL1 rl1 Yes
RL10 rl10 Yes
RL11 rl11 Yes
RL15 rl15 Yes
RL16 rl16 Yes
RL18 rl18 Yes
RL19 rl19 Yes
RL2 rl2 Yes
RL22 rl22 Yes
RL23 rl23 Yes
RL25 rl25 Yes
RL26 rl26 Yes
RL29 RL29 Yes
RL3 rl3 Yes
RL30 RL30 Yes
RL31 RL31 Yes
RL5 rl5 Yes
RL6 rl6 Yes
RL7 rl7 Yes
RL8 rl8 Yes
RPP T1RegisteredPensionPlanDeduction Yes
RRSP/PRPP T1RRSPDeduction Yes Yes
RRSPLimit T1RRSPLimit Yes Yes
RRSPTransfer T1RRSPTransfer Yes Yes
S1 s1 Yes Yes
S1.NR s1 Yes
S1.QC s1 Yes
S10 s10 Yes
S11 s11 Yes Yes
S11.QC s11(qc) Yes
S12 s12 Yes Yes
S13 s13 Yes
S14.AB Yes
S14.NB S14 Yes Yes
S14.ON S14 Yes
S14.MB S14 Yes
S14.SK S14 Yes
S14.YT Yes
S2 s2 Yes Yes
S2.QC.NR s2 -qc-nr Yes
S3 s3 Yes Yes
S3Details CapitalGains Yes Yes
S3PrincipalResidenceDetail S3PrincipalResidenceDetail Yes Yes
S4 s4 Yes Yes
S5 s5 Yes Yes
S6 s6 Yes Yes
S6-AB S6 Yes
S6-BC S6 Yes
S6-NU S6 Yes
S6-QC S6 Yes
S7 s7 Yes Yes
S8 s8 Yes
S8Q s8q Yes
S9 s9 Yes Yes
SA sa Yes
SB sb Yes
SC sc Yes
SD sd Yes
SelfEmploy selfemploy Yes
SK428 sk428 Yes
SK428MJ sk428mj Yes
SKCredits skcredits Yes
SKS11 sks11 Yes
SKS2 sks2 Yes Yes
Slips SlipSummary Yes
StudentLoan T1StudentLoan Yes Yes
Summary T1TaxSummary Yes
Support T1SupportPayment Yes Yes
T1 NB, MB, SK and AB) t1 Yes Yes
T1.PE, NS, t1 Yes
T1.BC t1 Yes
T1.NL t1 Yes
T1.NU t1 Yes
T1.NR t1 Yes
T1.NT t1 Yes
T1.ON t1 Yes
T1.QC t1 Yes
T1.YT t1 Yes
T101 t101 Yes
T1013 t1013 Yes
T1013x T1013x Yes
T1014 t1014 Yes
T10141 t10141 Yes
T10141Worksheet t10141worksheet Yes
T10142 T10142 Yes
T10142Worksheet T10142Worksheet Yes
T1032 t1032 Yes Yes
T1032Opt SplitPension Yes
T1129 t1129 Yes
T1132 t1132 Yes
T1135 t1135 Yes
T1135Details t1135 Yes
T1139 t1139 Yes
T1141 t1141 Yes
T1141Summ T1141 Yes
T1142 t1142 Yes
T1142Summ T1142 Yes
T1157 t1157 Yes
T1158 t1158 Yes
T1159 t1159 Yes
T1161 t1161 Yes
T1163-T1273 T1164 Yes
T1163-T1273Asset T1164CCAAsset Yes
T1163-T1273AssetList T1164CCAAssetList Yes
T1163-T1273CCA T1164CCAClass Yes
T1163-T1273CCASummary T1164CCA Yes
T1163-T1273Comparative T1164Comparative Yes
T1163-T1273Inv T1164INV Yes
T1170 t1170 Yes
T1172 t1172 Yes
T1198 t1198 Yes
T1204 T1204 Yes
T1206 t1206 Yes Yes
T1212 t1212 Yes
T1221 t1221 Yes
T1223 t1223 Yes
T1229 t1229 Yes
T1231 t1231 Yes
T1232 t1232 Yes
T1237 t1237 Yes
T1241 t1241 Yes
T1243 t1243 Yes
T1244 t1244 Yes
T1255 T1255 Yes
T1255Worksheet T1255WS Yes
T1256 t1256 Yes
T12561 t12561 Yes
T12562 t12562 Yes
T1258 t1258 Yes
T1272 t1272 Yes
T1285 t1285 Yes
T1297 t1297 Yes
T1299 t1299 Yes
T183 t183 Yes Yes
T1A t1a Yes
T1Adj t1adj Yes
T1DD t1dd Yes
T1Efile t1efile Yes
T1KFS T1Condensed Yes
T1M t1m Yes
T1ReFile t1efile Yes Yes
T1Review t1review Yes
T1RRSPDeductionSummary T1RRSPDeductionSummary Yes
T1RemittanceSlip 2018T1RemittanceSlip Yes
T1Summary t1summary Yes
T2017 t2017 Yes
T2036 t2036 Yes
T2038 T2038 Yes
T2038S t2038s Yes
T2042 t2042 Yes
T2042Asset T2042CCAAsset Yes
T2042AssetList T2042CCAAssetList Yes
T2042CCA T2042CCAClass Yes
T2042CCASummary T2042CCA Yes
T2042Comparative T2042Comparative5Year Yes
T2042Inv t2042inv Yes
T2091 t2091 Yes
T2091WS t2091ws Yes
T2121 t2121 Yes
T2121Asset T2121CCAAsset Yes
T2121AssetList T2121CCAAssetList Yes
T2121CCA T2121CCAClass Yes
T2121CCASummary T2121CCA Yes
T2121Comparative T2121Comparative5Year Yes
T2125 t2125 Yes Yes
T2125Asset T2125CCAAsset Yes Yes
T2125AssetList T2125CCAAssetList Yes
T2125CCA T2125CCAClass Yes Yes
T2125CCASummary T2125CCA Yes
T2125Comparative T2125Comparative5Year Yes
T2200 t2200 Yes
T2201 t2201 Yes
T2202/TL11 T2202A Yes Yes
T2203 t2203 Yes
T2204 t2204 Yes
T2205 t2205 Yes
T2209 t2209 Yes Yes
T2209S t2209s Yes Yes
T2222 t2222 Yes
T3 t3 Yes Yes
T4 t4 Yes Yes
T4A t4a Yes Yes
T4AOAS t4aoas Yes Yes
T4AP t4ap Yes Yes
T4E T4U Yes Yes
T4PS t4ps Yes Yes
T4RIF t4rif Yes Yes
T4RSP t4rsp Yes Yes
T5 t5 Yes Yes
T224 T224 Yes
T225 T225 Yes
T5004 t5004 Yes
T5006 t5006 Yes Yes
T5007 t5007 Yes Yes
T5008 t5008 Yes Yes
T5013 t5013 Yes Yes
T657 t657 Yes
T691 t691 Yes
T746 t746 Yes
T776 t776 Yes Yes
T776Asset T776CCAAsset Yes Yes
T776AssetList T776CCAAssetList Yes Yes
T776CCA T776CCAClass Yes
T776CCASummary T776CCA Yes
T776Comparative T776Comparative5Year Yes
T777 t777 Yes Yes
T777Auto Auto Yes Yes
T777Comparative T777Comparative5Year Yes
T777Details t777details Yes Yes
T777Other t777other Yes Yes
T778 t778 Yes Yes
T7DRA t7dra Yes
T89 t89 Yes
T90 (NEW) T90 Yes
T929 t929 Yes
T936 t936 Yes Yes
TL2 tl2 Yes
TP1 tp1 Yes
TP1.R tp1rv Yes
TP1000 TP1000TE Yes
TP1012.A TP1012AV Yes
TP1012.B TP1012BV Yes
TP1026 TP1026V Yes
TP1029.8.33.6 TP10298336 Yes
TP1029.8.63 TP1029863 Yes
TP1029.8.66.2 TP10298 Yes
TP1029.9 TP10299 Yes
TP1029.AE TP1029AE Yes
TP1029.AE-S TP1029AE Yes
TP1029.BF TP1029BFV Yes
TP1029.RE TP1029RE Yes
TP1029.RE-S TP1029RE Yes
TP1029.RV TP1029RV Yes
TP1029.RV-S TP1029RV Yes
TP1029.TM TP1029TM Yes
TP1029.TM-S tp1029.tm-s Yes
TP1029.SA TP1029SA Yes
TP1079.6 TP10796 Yes
TP1086.R TP1086V Yes
TP1129.64 TP112964 Yes
TP1129.RI TP1129RI Yes
TP128 tp128 Yes
TP128AssetList tp128assetlist Yes
TP128CCASummary TP128CCA Yes
TP128Comparative TP128Comparative5Year Yes
TP15Year TP15YearTaxSummary Yes
TP1A tp1a Yes
TP1B tp1b Yes
TP1C tp1c Yes
TP1CarryFwd TP1CarryForward Yes
TP1ChildAssist TP1ChildAssistance Yes
TP1Comparative TP1ComparativeTaxSummary Yes
TP1CopyrightDeduct TP1CopyrightIncome Yes
TP1D tp1d Yes
TP1Donations TP1Donation Yes
TP1DSummary TP1GSummary Yes
TP1E tp1e Yes
TP1Efile tp1efile Yes
TP1F tp1f Yes
TP1Farming tp1farming Yes
TP1Farming1086.R TP1Farm1086V Yes
TP1FarmingAssetList tp1farmingassetlist Yes
TP1FarmingAuto tp1farmingauto Yes
TP1FarmingCCASummary TP1FarmingCCA Yes
TP1FarmingComparative TP1FarmingComparative5Year Yes
TP1FarmingInv tp1farminginv Yes
TP1Fishing TP1FishingActivities Yes
TP1Fishing1086.R TP1Fish1086V Yes
TP1FishingAssetList tp1fishingassetlist Yes
TP1FishingAuto tp1fishingauto Yes
TP1FishingCCASummary TP1FishingCCA Yes
TP1FishingComparative TP1FishingComparative5Year Yes
TP1Foreign tp1foreign Yes
TP1Forest TP1ForestProducers Yes
TP1FTC TP1ForeignTaxCredits Yes
TP1G tp1g Yes
TP1GS TP1CapitalGainsSummary Yes
TP1H tp1h Yes
TP1IncomeTax tp1incometax Yes
TP1InvestIncome TP1InvestmentIncome Yes
TP1J tp1j Yes
TP1K tp1k Yes
TP1LossLPP TP1ListedPersonalPropertyLosses Yes
TP1LossNonCap TP1NonCapitalLosses Yes
TP1Medical tp1medical Yes
TP1N tp1n Yes
TP1O TP1ScheduleO Yes
TP1OtherCredits tp1othercredits Yes
TP1OtherDeduct TP1OtherDeductions Yes
TP1OtherIncome tp1otherincome Yes
TP1P tp1p Yes
TP1Plan TP1TaxPlan Yes
TP1Q tp1q Yes
TP1QOpt TP1SplitPension Yes
TP1RemittanceSlip TP1RemittanceSlip Yes
TP1Rental tp1rental Yes
TP1Review tp1review Yes
TP1RPP TP1RegisteredPensionPlanDeduction Yes
TP1I-S tp1Is Yes
TP1S tp1s Yes
TP1SelfEmploy tp1selfemploy Yes
TP1Slips TP1SlipSummary Yes
TP1Summary TP1TaxSummary Yes
TP1Support TP1SupportPayment Yes
TP1T tp1t Yes
TP22 tp22 Yes
TP232.1 TP2321V Yes
TP25 tp25 Yes
TP274 tp274 Yes
TP348 TP347V Yes
TP350.1 TP72621V Yes
TP358.0.1 TP35801 Yes
TP517.5.5 TP51755 Yes
TP59 tp59 Yes
TP59Auto tp1auto Yes
TP64.3 TP643V Yes
TP66 TP66V Yes
TP671.9 TP663 Yes
TP726.20.2 TP726202V Yes
TP726.30 TP72630 Yes
TP726.6 TP7266V Yes
TP726.6Worksheet tp726worksheet Yes
TP726.7 TP7267V Yes
TP729 tp729 Yes
TP75.2 TP752 Yes
TP752.0.0.6 TP752006 Yes
TP752.0.1 TP75201 Yes
TP752.0.13.1 TP752013 Yes
TP752.0.14 TP752014 Yes
TP-752.HA TP752HA Yes
TP76 tp76 Yes
TP766.2 TP7662 Yes
TP766.3.4 TP766.3.4 Yes
TP772 tp772 Yes
TP776.1.ND TP10298ND Yes
TP776.42 TP77642 Yes
TP78 tp78 Yes
TP78.4 TP784 Yes
TP80 TP80V Yes
TP80.1 TP801V Yes
TP80.1Farming TP801Farming Yes
TP80.1Fishing TP801Fishing Yes
TP801086.R TP80B1086V Yes
TP80AssetList tp80assetlist Yes
TP80Auto TP80VExtraAuto Yes
TP80CCASummary TP80BCCA Yes
TP80Comparative TP80BComparative5Year Yes
TP931.1 TP931V Yes
TP935.3 TP9353V Yes
TP965.39.4 TP96532 Yes
TPF1U tpf1u Yes
TPF1W tpf1w Yes
TPF1X tpf1x Yes
TPF1Y tpf1y Yes
TPF1Z tpf1z Yes
TPZ1029.md.5 TP1029MD5 Yes
TX19 tx19 Yes
VD358 TPVD358 Yes
YT428 yt428 Yes
YT428MJ yt428mj Yes
YT432 yt432 Yes
YT479 yt479 Yes Yes
YTCredits ytcredits Yes
YTS11 yts11 Yes
YTS2 yts2 Yes Yes
FXWorksheet FXWorksheet Yes
MB428-A mb428 Yes
TP1129 TP1129 Yes
TP1163 TP1163 Yes
TP1164 TP1164 Yes
TP11641086 TP11641086 Yes
TP1164AssetList TP1164AssetList Yes
TP1164CCA TP1164CCA Yes
TP1164CCS TP1164CCS Yes
TP1164Comparative5Year Yes
TP1164INV TP1164INV Yes
TP1QSTCredit Yes
rc310 rc310 Yes
T1162A T1162A Yes
T1317 T1317 Yes
TP8011164 TP8011164 Yes
TP80PComparative5Year TP80PComparative5Year Yes
TP4216 TP4216 Yes
TP1029.8.36.EC TP102993 Yes
TP1029RR TP1029RR Yes
T1199 T1199 Yes
T4F T4F Yes
TP1029LR TP1029LR Yes
TP80PAssetList TP80PAssetList Yes
Attach Attach Yes
Audit Audit Yes
Billing Billing Yes
BLetter BLetter Yes
DLetter DLetter Yes
Engage Engage Yes
Invoice Invoice Yes
JInvoice JInvoice Yes
JLetter JLetter Yes
Label Label Yes
Letter Letter Yes
Memos Memos Yes
Notes Notes Yes
PBALetter PBALetter Yes
PLetter PLetter Yes
QDLetter QDLetter Yes
QInvoice QInvoice Yes
QJInvoice QJInvoice Yes
QJLetter QJLetter Yes
QLetter QLetter Yes
User1 User1 Yes
User2 User2 Yes
Variance Variance Yes
Tapes Tapes Yes

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