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Benefits of Time Tracking for Healthcare Workers

Health care providers play a crucial part in our society, and as such, their time and energy are better spent caring for their patients than tracking their work hours and scheduling shifts. That’s where time tracking for health care workers comes into play.

Time tracking and employee scheduling software benefit many aspects of the healthcare industry. With GPS tracking and staff scheduling capabilities, this tool can help streamline various duties and ease the stress of both administrative and caregivers.

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Tracking Software and the Healthcare Industry

Accurate time tracking for appropriate wage compensation is an essential part of any industry. Yet, there are numerous ways that time tracking software can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of health care workers throughout their daily responsibilities.

Whether home health care workers, pharmacists, private practice employees, hospital staff, or administrative teams within the industry, Canadian healthcare professionals need quality tools and applications to manage their duties and care for their patients successfully. Time tracking and shift scheduling software like QuickBooks Time offers just that.

Here’s how the healthcare industry benefits from using time tracking and scheduling software.

Employee Scheduling for Hospital Staff

Healthcare time tracking and employee scheduling can be a complicated and timely process. Efficient and accurate employee schedules are a crucial part of any business, but for health care workers, it is doubly so.

When the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of patients is on the line, employee schedules need to be organized to provide this necessary and pertinent care. In many health care cases, time is of the essence, making scheduling software for healthcare providers a must.

Hospital scheduling software can keep track of all the organization’s employees to create accurate, organized, and efficient schedules to cover all required duties and patient care needs. Such shift scheduling software brings a little extra organization and calmness into the lives of hospital staff who deal with hectic work schedules on a daily basis. It means less worry for them, knowing they’re where they need to be when they need to be there, so the team can focus on helping their patients fully.

GPS Tracking for Home Healthcare Workers

Software that offers a mobile app with GPS tracking is the perfect tool for health care providers on the go. Once employees clock in using the mobile app, QuickBooks Time automatically logs their location and updates it through the software. In situations where health workers are going into the homes of others, GPS tracking is great for both timekeeping accuracy, as well as the safety of the employees.

Home healthcare workers have to enter their patients’ homes to provide them with the care they need. In certain instances, this can place the workers in precarious situations. Employers can accurately keep tabs on their workers as they move from house to house to ensure they make it to their next patient safely and on time.

Easy Time Logging

Cut down on redundant logging for efficient and precise timekeeping processes. Organizations can minimize the time and money spent on time entering and adjusting employee hours and shifts. Health care workers can log in and out and track their regular and overtime hours on the mobile app with the GPS feature for on-site attendance management.

As health care workers are logging their hours as they go and staying accountable with GPS tracking, there are no timesheets that need to be submitted throughout the week or month. A precise monitoring and logging system also means more efficient wage processing.

Quick Payroll Processing

The administrative side of the healthcare industry plays a crucial part in the daily organizational running of hospitals, private practices, pharmacies, nursing and care homes, and the like. This includes calculating payroll, processing employee wages, and ensuring the proper remuneration.

Quality scheduling software for healthcare workers can aid both the care providers and administrators at the same time. Health workers stay organized and focused on their schedules while effortlessly tracking their hours online, and health care administrators can pull the software’s data and transfer it to the organization’s payroll system.

QuickBooks Time streamlines the process to ensure accurate compensation for these healthcare providers for their hard work and dedication and an easier job for administrators. The software can also help cut down on payroll costs as there are fewer mistakes overall, and it takes less time to process from the outset.

Don’t just take our word for it. One of our happy health care customers wrote back to us letting us know,

quote image
“My payroll processing time has been cut in half. Very simple, and everyone likes using it.” – D. Nolan, Vancouver

Transparent Record Keeping

Since everything that is tracked using the mobile apps and desktop interface for QuickBooks Time is automatically recorded and updated through the cloud, important employee data is safe and secure yet accessible to those who have the log-in information. Gain access from anywhere, at any time for quick referencing and transparent record keeping.

Software Integration

Leave the stress of time tracking for health care workers and shift scheduling teams to QuickBooks Time. Integrate QuickBooks Time with your organization’s other administrative applications and health industry software to gain all your tools in one place.

Our tracking and scheduling software is here to help and support our health care workers as much as they help and support their patients. With the use of QuickBooks, your organization and its health care team can get back to what really matters.  Try it free today!

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