How to Enter Delayed Charge Invoices in QuickBooks

Do you keep a bunch of post-its on your desk to remind you what products you bought and services you did for customers? Instead, use delayed charges to keep track and create invoices when the time comes.

Open step-by-step instructions

Read step-by-step instructions

Open Delayed Charge

Go to the Create (+) Menu, and under Customers choose Delayed Charge.

Enter the Customer

Enter the customer you need to invoice in the Choose a Customer field. If this is a new customer, click Add.

In the New Customer window click Save. Only the customer’s name gets saved. You can go to the customer page later to enter additional information.

Enter the Date

Enter the date you purchased the product or performed the service for your customer.

Enter the Products or Services

Enter the products or services you provided for this customer and any information about this product or service.

If this is a new product or service, type it in and click Add.

Choose the Income Account

In the Product or Service Information window, choose the Income Account. This is not a bank account; it is a bookkeeping account.

Enter the Price or Charge

Enter the Price or Charge and Save it.

Save and Close

You can Save and Close, or if you have new charges to add, click Save and New.

Invoice Your Customer

When it comes time to invoice your customer, go to Create (+) Menu, and under Customers choose Invoice.

Enter that customer’s name, and click Add all to put this charge into the invoice.