Not all of your clients may pay their bills on time. Here’s how to collect on unpaid invoices and bad debts.

Getting Paid

How To Set Up a Contract To Ensure Your Invoices Get Paid – On Time

While setting up a contract isn't a silver bullet, it does provide certain legal protections in the unlikely event you'll have to go to court to get paid later. Here's a list of essential elements and things to consider when setting up a contract.

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What is an invoice? Guide, examples, and what to include

Getting Paid

How to follow up on past due invoices: Guide & payment reminder letter templates

Getting Paid

How to speed up payments: 20 tips to get clients to pay their bills and invoices faster

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Invoices vs. receipts: Understanding the difference

An invoice is issued to collect payment from customers, and a sales receipt documents proof of payment a customer has made to a seller. Learn more about the differences between invoices and receipts in this quick guide.

6 keys to successful client relationship management

This guide outlines several key ways to successfully maintain great client relationships. Learn about the benefits of good client relationship management and how to successfully practice client relationship management in your business.

What is invoice factoring? How it works and its pros, cons

Invoice factoring is a financing method in which a business sells its accounts receivable in exchange for cash. Learn how it works and how to use it for short-term financial needs.

9 different invoice types for the self-employed

There are nine types of invoices that you should be familiar with. The following is a quick-start guide to get you familiar with how to create an invoice.

Pros and cons of invoices due upon receipt: What small business owners should know

Invoices due on receipt may help you get paid faster, but you should review additional payment term options before deciding what’s best for your business..

What to include in an invoice

One of the most important documents your company will create is an invoice. Learn what to include in your invoice.

What is an invoice? Guide, examples, and what to include

An invoice is a transactional tool businesses can use to record payments. Learn in-depth definitions and review helpful examples with this guide from QuickBooks.

Why personalized invoices matter and how to create them

Start personalizing your online invoices; you’ll get paid faster and strengthen relationships with your clients. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Invoice Factoring: Pros, Cons & How it Works

Invoice financing, also known as factoring, helps companies get cash in exchange for future customer payments. Find out the pros and cons of this financing method.

How to Create an Invoice Online

Creating invoices online is the easiest way to bill your clients and get paid. Here are some resources for freelancers, contractors and consultants.

What is, and how to manage, a consignment invoice

Learn about consignment's unique twist on the buyer/seller relationship, and see how consignment invoices benefit your business.

Create a Freelancer Invoice in 90 Seconds with Intuit QuickBooks

Creating express invoices with Intuit QuickBooks enables freelancers to streamline the invoicing process and enhance their professional image.

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