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How do I check to see if I have Windows Administrator privileges?

When you're trying to troubleshoot a QuickBooks Online problem it's important to know what your privileges are.  Some solutions to QuickBooks Online issues may require a user to have administrative privileges. Finding out if you have Windows Administrator privileges can be accomplished quickly in just a few steps.


How to check if you have administrative privileges

  1. Go to the Start menu (in the lower left corner of your Windows desktop).
  2. Select Settings then Control Panel (depending on which version of Windows you have).
  3. Open User Accounts.
  4. Choose the Users tab. If Administrator is displayed in the Group column or for your user name, it means you have administrative privileges.

What if I don't have administrative privileges? How can I get them?

If you don't have administrative access, you'll need to ask your network administrator to give you administrative privileges. You can also ask your network administrator to log in to your system as an administrator.

Now that you know if you have administrative privileges, it's time to take a break.