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Access funding in QuickBooks when you need it.

Smart funding for your business.

Receive and repay funds, hassle-free.

Get funds fast

Money is deposited right into your bank account in 1-2 business days.


Weekly automatic repayments

We debit ACH payments from your business bank account, and you can track it all in QuickBooks.


No early payment penalties

Pay your loan off at any time to save on interest costs - no penalties.  

Our business loans are really simple:

  1. Easy online application

    Our application only takes a few minutes. It’s easy because we use info from QuickBooks to fill in some of the blanks.

  2. Fast decision

    We won't keep you waiting—you'll usually hear from us within 2-3 business days. If approved, choose your amount up to our max offer.

  3. Fast funding

    Most loans fund in 2 business days. We deposit them right into your business bank account.

  4. Automatic repayment

    No need to schedule or send in loan payments. We debit weekly ACH payments from your business bank account.


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Who's the lender?

QuickBooks Capital is licensed as Intuit Financing Inc. and is the lender of record on offers of credit we extend.

What are your rates?

Our current rates for our six-month loans range from 1.57%-4.74% (or 6-18% APR). The rate we offer varies depending on your business and personal credit profile. With our funding options, you’ll know the borrowing cost of our loans upfront. Rates are subject to change and may differ by state.

What kind of fees do you charge?

There are no hidden fees in our funding options. You’ll always know upfront how much it costs to access QuickBooks Capital funds.

Are there any penalities if I pay in full early?

We don’t believe in prepayment penalties. In fact, if you’re able to, you can certainly pay off your loan early to save on interest costs.

How do you use my QuickBooks data?

We take into account your QuickBooks history and we pre-fill your application with information from your QuickBooks account.

Will applying affect my credit?

We perform a soft pull of your personal credit history. A “soft pull” does not affect your personal credit rating or score. However, your business credit history may be impacted when you apply for a loan.

How will this help me build my business credit?

We report your business’s payment performance to Experian’s Small Business Credit Share (SBCS), including the status of your loan. When you pay on time according to your agreement with us, we report this to Experian, which can build your business credit history and improve your overall business credit score.

What are you looking at when I apply?

We look at a variety of factors to see if you qualify for a business loan, including past business history, use of QuickBooks, personal and business credit history, and current liabilities. In general, we look for a FICO of 580 or higher and at least $45,000 in revenue in the past year. You shouldn't have any bankruptcies (personal or business) in the previous 2 years, and your business type can't be on our prohibited industry list. We review each application individually, as each small business is unique, and while we generally work within these guidelines, we don't guarantee that everyone who meets these criteria will qualify for our business loans.

What does personal credit have to do with a business loan?

Your personal credit score must be 580 or higher to be considered for a QuickBooks Capital offer. We look at personal credit because our business loans are personally guaranteed, unlike secured loans which require collateral. If your business is unable to repay for any reason, we need to know that you personally can cover the obligation.


QuickBooks Capital is a service offered by Intuit Financing Inc. (NMLS # 1136148), a subsidiary of Intuit Inc. In California, loans are made or arranged by Intuit Financing Inc. (CFFL #605 4856).



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