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Committed Costs report broken down by item?

Is there a way to get the Committed Costs by Job report to show costs broken down by item code?

Otherwise, I need Quickbooks to produce a report that looks like the attached cost report template, basically a Cost to Completion report to forecast how my projects are performing against the budget.

I need the report to show posted bills as Actual Costs, and POs as Committed Costs. If I have to export to Excel to insert the variance and estimated cost columns, that's fine. But I'm running into a problem.


I've tried building this report in Excel manually by:

-Exporting Estimated vs Actual report to Excel

-Creating an extra column for Committed Costs

-Exporting an Open PO report to another spreadsheet and

-Using a SUMIFs formula in the Committed Costs column to pull in open PO totals based on the Item Code in the Est. v Act. sheet.


But the problem arises when I have open POs for items that don't have any actual costs yet, because those item codes don't appear on the Est. v Act. sheet. I have over a dozen separate customers that I need to create this report for on a weekly basis, so manually adding cost codes to accommodate those POs would take forever. And I don't want a report with every single cost code on it because it would be prohibitively long.