Simplify inventory management

Whether you sell five or 50,000 products, Enterprise puts the tools you need for efficient, profitable inventory management right at your fingertips.

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Automate inventory and order management from the warehouse to your customer’s doorstep.

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Gain efficiencies in your inventory and order management processes

Always see what’s in stock, what’s on order, where each item is located, and what it’s all worth so you can make real-time business decisions.

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Automate more of your business for greater productivity

Enterprise gives you real-time inventory visibility, decreased order fulfillment times, and less inventory surplus. Automated processes reduce errors that can cut into your margins.

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Set more accurate delivery dates

Keep customers happy with efficient, accurate order fulfillment. Set realistic delivery expectations with real-time inventory information at your fingertips.

Track inventory your way

  • Track inventory your way with three levels of location tracking (e.g., row, shelf, and bin; section, area, pallet).
  • New: Gain better insight into inventory levels, costs, and sales to make informed decisions with enhanced inventory reports organized by categories.
  • Transfer inventory from one location to another to meet demand without delay.

Multi-level inventory categorization

  • Instead of using custom fields to organize your items, now you can use up to four levels of inventory categorization.
  • Nested levels of categorization give you more granularity for how you organize your inventory and more control over what you can do with it.
  • NEW: Manage inventory more effectively with bulk edits of categories, copy and paste from Excel, and enhanced search, add, edit, and delete.
multi level inventory categorization

Expiration dates*

  • Assign expiration dates to sell inventory more quickly and reduce business losses.  
  • Help reduce liability by conveying expiration dates in customer communications.
  • Take timely actions with reports on expired or about-to-expire inventory by lot or serial number.

Only available in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum and Diamond

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Automated inventory forecasting

  • For each location, see how many items are on hand, on sales order, on a purchase order, and your reorder point.
  • Automatically calculate which items need to be restocked and generate necessary purchase orders with one click.
  • Avoid rush shipping fees by ordering the right amount of inventory, and minimize stock-outs or missing parts with automated inventory ordering rules.
Automated inventory forecasting

Serial number tracking

  • Apply serial numbers* to individual items to easily manage inventory, stock, and warranty claims.
  • Track individual items within a large batch production of otherwise identical units.
  • Identify irregularities or defects in a production batch.
  • Conduct serial number searches to match specific customers to purchased products, check stock for items, and more.

Lot number tracking

  • Track products developed or processed in the same batch with lot number tracking.*
  • If defects occur from a specific production batch, recall items from that lot, rather than all items.
  • Perform lot number searches to tracking items from a specific lot.
  • Enter lot numbers during purchases, transfers, or sales, so you can track defective lots through assemblies, and see if an item is in stock, on a shelf, or already purchased by a customer.

Update inventory in real time with cycle count

  • Cycle count* allows you to take inventory without shutting down your warehouse.
  • Scan and automatically upload inventory counts from different warehouse to a central inventory dashboard.
  • Easily find and adjust discrepancies and import or export inventory counts.
Update inventory in real time with cycle count

Consolidate vendor information

  • With the Alternate Vendors Center,* aggregate all of your vendors in one central place including contacts and pricing data–making it easier to find vendor information for the right sourcing decisions.
  • Track delivery times and shortages by vendor.
  • List alternate vendors in key inventory reports so you their information at your fingertips when you need it.
Consolidate vendor information

Customizable inventory reports

  • Add flexibility and gain insight into your business with customizable inventory reports.
  • Example inventory reports: inventory valuation summary, inventory stock by item, and assembly shortage by item.
  • Enhanced inventory reports organized by category help you gain better insight into inventory levels, costs, and sales.
Customizable inventory reports
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