Simplify your pricing process with Advanced Pricing*

Your pricing rules may be complex, but implementing and managing them shouldn’t be.

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Execute pricing strategies with ease

Simplify the complexity of pricing with customizable and automated price rules.

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Maintain your margins

Thousands of automatic price rules mean you do not have to juggle complex price rules or remember exceptions. Automated pricing rules help ensure you’re making what you want to make on each transaction.

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Reduce pricing errors

Set quantity discounts, manufacturer markdowns, scheduled and seasonal promotions, and rules for high-value customers. Help reduce manual mistakes when you implement automated pricing.

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Your rules your way

Enforce price rules the way you want—set up granular pricing rules by categories, apply multiple rules at once, and override rules at the time of transaction. Create criteria to ensure deals aren’t made outside the parameters you set.

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Track sales tax

Automatically track and apply complex city-specific sales tax on invoices, sales orders, and receipts.

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Use pricing to your advantage. Quickly change prices to keep your bottom line upwardly mobile.

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