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In Case You Missed It! (9/29/17)




Happy Friday, QB Community!


Welcome to our round-up of inspiring and thought-provoking conversations happening in our community this week. Click the links below to see what you may have missed. You just might find the information you’ve been looking for!


In a Word

Days are shorter. Nights are cooler. Ready or not, a new season nearly is upon us. Tell us:

What's your one word theme for October?



What’s better than one featured member from our QB Community? How about two! The week, discover what tricks Steve Chase has up his sleeve for building long, happy relationships with customers. Then find out how mindfulness master Keith Engelhardt relies on both ancient practices and modern technology to grow his business.

You Said It! Q & A with Community Member Steve Chase


Keith Engelhardt Combines Ancient Practices, Advanced Technology to Scale His Brand


Burning Question

Before bringing on your first employee, you need to be ready for a new level of financial and managerial responsibilities. Then you’ve got to find the perfect person for the job.

What advice would you give to small business owners hiring their first employees?


Laugh Lines

Working for yourself is no joke -- unless, of course, you’ve got a joke to share!

Why do accountants love holidays? Less traffic on their way to work. -- Adam Fenner, QBC member


On Your Mind Right Now

Dawn Fotopulos is a financial advisor dedicated to helping entrepreneurs feel confident and informed about managing their money. In this new post, Dawn explains why your balance sheet is absolutely key to your business success.

Why Your Balance Sheet Is a Truth Serum For How You Run Your Business


Before You Go …

Before we say farewell to this year’s ninth month, here’s a roundup of business milestones that all happened -- recently or long ago -- in September.

This Month in Business History: September


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