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Adding user to GoPayment not working

I've been trying to add a user to GoPayment and it isn't allowing him to sign in. I've added him as a user, set his role, it's showing him as a user but he can't sign in. What am I missing?  I just checked the app again and it still doesn't have Zane listed as a user.  

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Adding user to GoPayment not working

It requires the most recent version of the payments app, @Eandtheboys.

 Allow me to share some information so the user you’ve added can sign in successfully.

The minimum supported version of GoPayment for Android is 4.1.1. If he or she has operating version 4.1.0 or lower, he will not be able to login to the account.

I recommend asking him to get the latest version, then log back in. You can view this article for reference when attempting to access to GoPayment account.

In case you need extra knowledge on how to navigate and access other features and functionalities in Merchant Services, please visit this resource. I’m sure you’ll find them helpful.

Please leave me a message below if you have other concerns. I’ll be here to help. Have a great day.

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