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Admin password

After going thru the process of changing my admin password, the system gives an error message that it can't change the password at this time.

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Admin password

One of our QuickBooks Desktop user shared a solution to this, gartlandpeter .


This error is caused by your firewall blocking the internet access that is needed for specific QuickBooks programs. To resolve this, you'll want to automatically update your  firewall by Running the QuickBooks File Doctor.


You can also manually configure firewall, here's how:

  1. First, open QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  2. On the Port Monitor tab, look for QuickBooks Desktop 2019.
  3. Remember the Port Number, because you will use it for your firewall exception. 

Things to know:

  • You can change the port assignment by selecting Renew
  • To reset the firewall permission, you have to go to the Scan Folders tab and select Scan Now.
  • You can only renew 2019 ports.

After configuring you can now Add the firewall Port exception for QuickBooks and then try again changing your Admin Password.


You can always let me know if you have other concerns. Take care!

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