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Best way to convert non inventory to invetory in QBO


I have listed my inventory part as non inventory part and i need to convert to inventory part

I understand i can change it manually to inventory part but is this the smartest way to go or is there any smarter way to go, meaning that will be more accurate accounting. I have 5000 inventory items that I want change to inventory.


  • I have inventory in the non inventory 
  • I want to track inventory in inventory.

Company is new and there is no data So making changes will not have any effect


QuickBooks Team

Best way to convert non inventory to invetory in QBO

Thank you for reaching out to us, Hassan381.


Currently, the process of changing a non-inventory item to inventory is still done manually. The reason behind this is to make sure the item details are entered accurately.


You can find more information about inventory items in this article: How to Change Product and Service Types.


I'll be right here if you have any additional questions about QuickBooks. Have a great day!​​​

Level 15

Best way to convert non inventory to invetory in QBO

Do not change non inventory to inventory even though QB allows it


doing so will change the financial history of the file from the start date - that may or may not matter to you, but there is no way for us to know how that affects your financials.


create new inventory items, order and stock them using the item details part of a PO and Bill.


then you can make the non inventory items inactive to get them off some lists

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