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Customer Center

For each of my customers, I add a new job for each project we complete with them.  Is there a way to make the Customer Center list not display jobs under a customer that have already been paid without making those jobs inactive?  I would like to only display jobs that have a current open balance, but I do still want all active customers to be displayed even if there is not a current open job.  Thank you

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Customer Center

Hello there, @JMansell-GIS


Let me share some insights on how QuickBooks Desktop populates customer information, jobs, and transactions.

You have an option to not include jobs under a customer once they have been paid already. There's no need to set those jobs inactive to get this done. Let me show you how:

  1. Go to the Customers menu and select Customer Center.
  2. In the Customers & Jobs section, click the drop-down arrow.
  3. Select Customer's with open balances. The system will generate the customer and jobs lists that still have an open balance.


However, if an active customer don't have any open balances. They will not be added on the lists, which isn't the thing you want. Still, you can switch to the Active Customer option to review all the customers with open balances and zero balance total.


Though, you'll want to send this suggestion to our product team. Your feedback will be evaluated and might be given a chance to added in the next product updates. From the Help menu, select Send Feedback Online and click Product Suggestion.



Also, you'll want to generate the Customer Balance Detail report to see the invoice and payment date. Go to Reports and select Customer Balance Detail under Customers & Receivable. You can customize the report's period and make the necessary customization you want by clicking on the Customize Report button. 


For additional reference about running and customizing reports in QuickBooks Desktop, you can read these articles: 



If you have more QuickBooks concerns, please let me know. I'd be glad to help and provide more details about QuickBooks. Take care and stay safe, JMansell-GIS.

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Customer Center

Thank you for your response.  This is helpful to shorten the list but does not really accomplish what I need.  With the dropdown menu selected to show only open balances, when I add a new job it is not displayed so I have to change the dropdown back to all customers to find the new job so I can create an invoice.  


I guess the more accurate end goal would be to clear jobs that have been paid in full, not to hide all zero balance jobs.  Not sure this is possible but would be the wishlist goal.  thanks

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Customer Center

I am unable to connect to my Santander business Account. When login on I am only given one account to choice. This is my personal account, not my business account. I have spoken to santander who have said that my account is not blocked. 

QuickBooks Team

Customer Center

Hi Arthur, thanks for joining this thread. We'd be happy to help with any banking issues that you're experiencing. 


When linking a new account in QuickBooks, you'll see that there are multiple connection options for Santander; please check that you're selecting the option for Santander and Cahoot (UK) for Santander business accounts. 


If you receive any error when connecting using this link, please get back to us below. 

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