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How can I cancel this subscription to qb.

My Accountant setup herself as the administrator for my account. Now I have fired her and I can't make any changes 2 add my new accountant
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Level 1

How can I cancel this subscription to qb.

I would contact Quick Book customer service. There are three ways to reach out: (1) There is a chat window on their website. (2) You can email. 

(3) You can call. 

QuickBooks Team

How can I cancel this subscription to qb.

Hi there, @plwms48-outlook-


If you can still contact your accountant, I'd recommend reaching out to her. That way, they can transfer the primary admin access to your account.


If you're unable to connect with her, then I'd suggest sending a request to our QuickBooks Account Protection Team. 


To protect your account and data, they need documentation to verify that you have rightful ownership or access privileges for the account. You'll have to complete the form in this link and send it to them: How to request to be the primary admin or contact for a QuickBooks account.


Help us get your request approved quickly and safely. Please make sure:


  • You are signed in so you can see the form.
  • Your photo ID is unedited/unmarked and a valid driver's license, passport, or other government-issued ID.
  • You have all the required business documents you gathered in step 1.
  • The business documents show who is the owner, chairperson, or leader of the business operation.
  • All the documents are clear, legible, and should not show your Social Security number, to protect your privacy.
  • To provide a business license or Quickbooks Desktop License (if applicable) when asked for a license.
  • To select no for "Are you the owner of the business” for 50/50 or minority ownership business types.
  • To add documents indicating some ownership or authorship of the QuickBooks account if you are prompted for documents that are not applicable.


After sending the form, your case will be reviewed as soon as possible. You'll receive an update to the status of this request when they complete their review.


Also, here's a link you can read more about the different user types and levels of access in QuickBooks Online.


Please let me know if there's anything you need assistance with by adding a comment below. I'm always here to help. Have a good day!

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