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I would like a P

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I would like a P

Hi there, @treasurer-congre.


May I know additional details of your concern? Any information you can provide is a great help so we'll get closer to the resolution.  


Meanwhile, feel free to visit our QuickBooks Help article page if in case you need guides in doing your QuickBooks Online tasks. 


I'll be right here waiting for your response. Have a good one. 


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I would like a P

Not sure how much of my original post came through.

I would like to create a P&L report with 3 columns:  Previous Fiscal Year (PY), Previous Fiscal Year to Date (PY YTD) and Current Fiscal Year to Date (YTD).

I can create a 3 column report but the first 2 columns (PY and PY YTD) are always identical.  So even though I can request PY and PY YTD both columns are either PY or PY YTD based on the Report Period setting.  If set it to "This Fiscal Year to Date" both columns show PY YTD values.  If set to "This Fiscal Year" both the PY and PY YTD show the full Fiscal Year results from last Fiscal Year.

BTW the 3rd column works in all cases since the results for this Fiscal Year and this Fiscal Year YTD are the same.

QuickBooks Team

I would like a P

Hi treasurer-congre!

Thanks for the additional details. Allow me to help you in running the profit and loss report.

It seems that you already pulled up the Profit and Loss Comparison report which is great. Yes, you can add these columns by selecting them under the Compare another period drop-down.

With regard to the data, currently, they are based on the selected period which is why the figures shown are identical. What I can suggest is to add first either PY or PY YTD together with the YTD and export them to Excel. Then, do the same to the other column. From Excel, you can merge them to get the right data. 

Also, I suggest you send feedback to our developers and let them know that you need more options in customizing the Profit and Loss Comparison report. Click the Gear icon and select Feedback.

Here is a link if you need more help in running, customizing, and saving financial reports: Run reports in QuickBooks Online.

Post a comment again here if you need further assistance in running reports or anything else. Take care!

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