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I'm trying to make an inactive account active, but the check box at the bottom of the Chart of Accounts is shadowed out.  I can see it, but not click on it.  I know the account exists because I see it on reports.  "Show Inactive Accounts" on the Account drop down is also shaded.

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Include inactive

Hello, User44.


I have some details regarding the shaded check box. I'll also help you reactivate the account. 


The account might not have been inactivated yet, which is why the check box and Show Inactive Accounts are shadowed out. 




Search for the account using the Search box to check if this is the case. 




However if it doesn't show up (inactivated), then this is a case of a damaged list. Let's resort it to fix this: 


  1. Open the Chart of Accounts window.
  2. Click the View menu.
  3. Choose Re-sort List.




This article can tell you more about the steps: Re-sort lists in QuickBooks Desktop.


When the check box returns to normal, click on it then remove the "X" mark from the inactive account to make it active again. 




Ready to record transactions for the reactivated account again? Or do you need to check the reports for adjustments? Please browse our articles on the QuickBooks Desktop articles list page. They're packed with guides, pointers and important information about the features and functions in the program. 


I'm still available to help you out, so don't forget to visit this thread for other questions in QuickBooks Desktop. 

Level 1

Include inactive

I tried the re-sort trick and that did not help either.  Still seeing a shaded box.  None of the help I've received fixed that problem.  The other "invisible" account still existed and had a value that corresponded to another depreciation account that I can see. So I went into General Journal and tried (almost randomly) debiting and crediting the accounts that I could see.  Kind of like chasing a mouse under a blanket. Strangely, somewhere along the line the value in that invisible account went to zero, although none of the transactions I did involved it since it does not appear in the account drop down in the General Journal entry screen. The books seem to now balance and I don't know why.  I still see that other account in reports, but the value is now zero, which works for me. The only far out explanation that I can think of is that somehow QB created a hidden "alias" account.

That said, I really appreciate al of the time and effort that the QB community has put in to try to help me.  Pass on my thanks to the team.  Ron

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