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Stopping merchant services fees and get a refund.

I have been told by my accountant that Quickbooks is still charging me a merchant services fee, even though I dont use the serv1ce any longer. Who do I contact to get this stopped and a refund for mistaken fees charged? 





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Stopping merchant services fees and get a refund.

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community, @nwbamboo.


For QuickBooks Payments fees inquiry, you can directly contact our Merchant Support team. They have the specific tools to check your account and verify the details of the charges as well as to stop the mistaken fees and help you process a refund if necessary.


Also, if you no longer use the service, you can cancel your subscription to stop receiving fees. Once canceled, you can still access your Merchant accounts for 12 months which will allow you to view and download your reports, statements, and tax forms.


For more information about the fees for QuickBooks Payments, feel free to open this article: What are the fees for QuickBooks Payments?.


You'll also want to visit our QuickBooks Help page if you need guides and articles to further help you in performing your QuickBooks tasks.


I'm just a few clicks away, @nwbamboo in case you have additional questions about the fees you're receiving. I'd be glad to help you. Keep safe always and have a good one. 


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