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Support for Vendors?

I am a vendor/contractor required to create an account of some sort in order to receive direct deposit payments.


I have searched for the past 15 minutes to find support on how to make changes to that account — namely, I want it deleted and my banking information deleted from the vendor.


I am seeing no support for the vendors forced to create QB accounts, and finding no way for us to manage our accounts. I've tried logging into all kinds of areas. QB obviously recognizes my login (even has my phone number), but then declares I have no account.


Is there no support for the vendors? How do I get my banking information deleted?

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Support for Vendors?

I can help you today, gw48.


We have no direct support for vendors. However, I can provide the steps where you can change your bank account information and enter a dummy one.


When vendors are paid through direct deposit, you'll be invited to create a QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) account.


You need to log into QBSE and update the bank account information. Here's how:


  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Self-Employed
  2. Click your profile ⚙ icon.
  3. Select Tax profile.
  4. Make changes as needed.


The changes automatically update your information on the employer's QuickBooks Online account. They can also remove your bank account information within their QuickBooks.


We also recommend you tell them directly since they can see your information on their account. If they need more help with this, your employer will contact us.


Keep me posted if you have additional questions by commenting below. I'm here to provide the information that you need.

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Support for Vendors?

Thanks for the reply.


Re: No support — There should at least be a link in your support page for "I'm a Vendor" or something to help people find where their data is. I would have no way of knowing that "Self Employment" is where I am supposed to log in.


Re: Tax Profile — found it but there is no way to remove bank info.


There is a Payment Settings — but this is inadequate. It allows to CHANGE bank info but not to REMOVE it.


I want to know how to completely delete my entire existence within the QuickBooks realm. My account info should be removed, and any "employer" should no longer have access to my bank account. Obviously they need to retain contact and payment info for their own records — but this should be copied data, and not be dependent on me being forced to have a QB account.


Support for Vendors?

I know how much you want to see a feature that would enable you to remove your bank information, @gw48.


For now, what I can suggest is following my peer's recommendation. You'll have to tell your employer directly to remove your bank account information. In that action, your employer can contact our representatives via chat or callback to delete your data in QuickBooks completely.


You may also visit our account management page for more references about your Intuit Account: QBO Account Management.


Please leave a comment again here if you have other account questions. I'll be here to help you always. Take care.

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