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Can I change the payment received date on many customer checks that have already been deposited without causing other errors or issues?

I am new to QBO and mistakenly used the date on the check as the payment received date into undeposited funds, not the actual date I received the check.  I always receive and process checks into undeposited funds and then make a deposit to the bank the following business day.  Can I correct the payment received dates for my deposits to reflect this without impacting or causing other errors to occur even though all deposits have been reconciled?

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QuickBooks Team

Hi telamamare, I'm happy you're here. I'd love to share s...

Hi telamamare,

I'm happy you're here. I'd love to share some information about changing the payment date of your customer checks.

Yes, you can change the date of these transactions to match the actual date you received the payments. It won't impact or cause any errors on your books after you correct the dates as long as it coincides within your reconciliation period.

If it doesn't, undo the reconciliation where this transaction is involved and re-reconcile them again. This is to ensure that your books are accurate and there won't be any discrepancies later on.

I'd also recommend you reach out to your accountant. Your accountant should be able to provide you more expert advice on how to handle these transactions.

Feel free to keep in touch if there's anything else I can do for you. I'm here anytime you need help with QBO.

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