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Cannot find correct account at bank to link to

I have multiple business accounts at Bank of America.  When I try to link it to QBO, the account I want to link to does not show.  Only one account is displayed, which is not the one I need.


In my previous QBO account I was able to link to both accounts.  I now have two QBO accounts because we have split one company into two.  But I cannot link the correct bank account to my new QBO account because it does not display during the linking process.

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Cannot find correct account at bank to link to

It's a delight to help you with your concern for today, JAberle.


Let's review some of the possible reasons why you're unable connect your Bank OZK in QuickBooks Online (QBO). I've listed them below:

  • Incorrect bank name. It's important to verify the name of the bank from the list as there are some banks that have multiple names.
  • The bank might not connect to all types of accounts (for example, personal accounts vs. business accounts).
  • The bank is not supported in QBO.

All you need to know about connecting bank account in QBO can be found in this article: Find your bank account when you connect to online banking.


If the above mentioned were verified but still unable to connect your bank, I recommend reaching out to your financial institution as they may be having system maintenance.


Then, you can go back to QuickBooks and add your bank account. Kindly follow the steps on how to do it below:

  1. Go to Banking from the left menu.
  2. Click Add Account.
  3. Search your bank or use the correct URL when you log in to your bank's website.
  4. Enter your bank's username and password.
  5. Select the type of account.
  6. Choose how far back you want to download bank transactions.
  7. Click Connect.

You can also read through this article for the detailed steps: Connect and add bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online.


Once your bank is connected, you may find this article helpful when categorizing bank transactions: Categorize and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Of course, you're always welcome to visit us again if you need help. It will be my pleasure. Stay safe and have a great day ahead!


Cannot find correct account at bank to link to

Hi, JAberle.

Hope you’re doing great. I wanted to see how everything is going about linking your bank account in QBO. Was it resolved? Do you need any additional help or clarification? If you do, just let me know. I’d be happy to help you at any time.

Looking forward to your reply. Have a pleasant day ahead!

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