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Error while uploading CSV in QBO

Hi Team

I'm facing an error in uploading manual transactions through CSV in QuickBooks online. I have tried uploading in incognito mode and on another system as well. The error is - "We can't upload everything from your file", I've attached a screenshot for the same as well.


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Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Error while uploading CSV in QBO

Good morning, @Chandramani123456


It's great to see you back in the Community. Let me point you in the right direction to get this taken care of. 


Since you've already tired some troubleshooting steps, I suggest contacting our Customer Support Team so they can look over your file that you're uploading. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Help (?) icon in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Press the Contact Us button. 
  3. Give a brief description of the issue and hit Let's talk
  4. Scroll down and choose to Get a callback


It's that easy! 


Keep me updated on how it goes. I want to make sure that you get this file uploading in your QuickBooks Online account. Have a great day! 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Error while uploading CSV in QBO


Another option, utilize the trial version of csv2qbo converter to isolate the issue.


Level 2

Error while uploading CSV in QBO

I'm having the same exact issue with a file format that I've used hundreds of times in the past. 

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