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How can I record transactions in bitcoincash criptocurrency ? (not bitcoin)

Our company makes transactions in different criptocurrencies. For example BCH or USDT. We found an app (Bitcoin Sync by Blockpath) that adds Bitcoins to QuickBooks as a foreign currency, but we are not able to create a bank account nominated in BCH or USDT. How can we solve this problem?
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QuickBooks Team

How can I record transactions in bitcoincash criptocurrency ? (not bitcoin)

I’m here to share some insights about how you can record transactions in a foreign currency using a 3rd party app, @luis-britos-expe


For additional help with the QuickBooks Online integration, you can contact the third-party service. They can also help you with the configuration in their system to correctly map the crypto transactions into QuickBooks.


After that, let’s make sure to enable the Multicurrency feature to record transactions in a foreign currency. Please take note that once activated, we cannot turn it off. I'll show you how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon and click the Advanced tab.
  2. Navigate to Currency, then tap Edit.


To learn more about multicurrency, you can click here. It includes steps on how you can add or delete currencies, including how to add an account that uses foreign currency.




I'd also recommend contacting our Intuit Developer Community regarding this concern. It's a platform where different developers and coders collaborate on app development, integrations, and programming. Rest assured, they’ll respond to you once they’re done checking it.


Here’s how:


  1. Go to this link and click Contact us under the Intuit column at the bottom.
  2. Choose which subscription you’re using, then tap Ask a Question.
  3. You’ll need to sign in to your account and follow the on-screen instructions.




I’ve added these resources that’ll help you with managing currencies in QuickBooks Online:



Don't hesitate to post again if there's anything else you want to know about 3rd party apps by commenting below. In case you need more help with multicurrency, I'll be right here to help you. Keep safe!

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How can I record transactions in bitcoincash criptocurrency ? (not bitcoin)

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