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How to record a statement that is in another currency?

Hi everyone!


How I should record the statement from one of the platforms that I sell on, when the statement it’s in pesos , but when I receive the money on my bank account they automatically get converted in $. 
I hope that makes sense. 

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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How to record a statement that is in another currency?

Are you using QBO US version Simple Start?

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How to record a statement that is in another currency?

I’ m using the advanced version. 

QuickBooks Team

How to record a statement that is in another currency?

Hi there, Raluca1.


I appreciate you for coming back to the thread to add confirmation about the version you're using. I'll be sharing details on how customer statement works in QuickBooks Online. Then, to ensure you'll be able to achieve your goal by performing some alternative ways. 


Customer statements show customers' summaries of their invoices, payments, credits, and balances. However, the ability to record/create a statement that indicates the conversion or between multiple currencies is currently unavailable.


Meanwhile, there's a feature in QuickBooks Online called Multicurrency that helps you record transactions with different currencies easily without worrying about exchange rate conversions. That said, you'll have to go through each of your customer's profiles and assign a particular currency from peso to us dollar. Beforehand, you'll have to make sure that Multicurrency is turned on on the Account and settings page.


Here's how to assign a customer to a specific currency:


  1. Go to the Get paid & pay or Sales menu and select the Customers section.
  2. Select a particular customer's name.
  3. In the Customer Information window, fill out the needed information.
  4. Select Payment and billing button.
  5. In This customer pays me with field, select the customer's currency. This is the currency that the customer uses to pay you for products or services.
  6. Click Save.


Once done, you can now create an invoice. The multicurrency or the conversion option will automatically appear from there (Peso to Us dollar) when you choose the customer you've set up above. Then, the details in the said entry will automatically generate when you receive payment.


Lastly, you may refer to this article to view various details on what happens after you turn on Multicurrency or how it works with your transactions: Learn about Multicurrency in QuickBooks Online.


Please let me know if you need clarification about the steps above, or there's anything else I can do for you. I'll be standing by for your response. Have a great day and keep safe.

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