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I believe I transposed the ending balance amount on my latest bank recon. How can I get back to this amount to change it.

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QuickBooks Team

I believe I transposed the ending balance amount on my latest bank recon. How can I get back to this amount to change it.

Hello there, @ctyson0614.


Thanks for posting here in QuickBooks Community. I'm here to help and share some insights on how to change the bank ending balance. 


In this case, you'll need to unreconcile the individual transactions. Once done, you can reconcile it with the correct end date. 


Let me walk you through the steps: 

  1. Select the Gear icon.
  2. Go to Chart of Accounts.
  3. Locate the appropriate account for the transaction.
  4. From the Action column, select View Register.
  5. Identify the transaction to edit.
  6. In the reconcile status column (indicated by a check mark), repeatedly select the top line of the transaction to change the status of the transaction. Codes indicate the status of the transaction: C - Cleared, R - Reconciled, Blank - Not cleared or reconciled. 
  7. Select Save

If you need to undo the entire reconciliation, you may consult an accountant if you’re not familiar with the process and to ensure your books are accurate.


On the other hand, to change your bank’s ending balance here’s how:

  1. Click Accounting in the left navigation panel.
  2. Select the Reconcile tab.
  3. Choose the bank account that has an incorrect ending balance and click the Edit Info button.
  4. Enter the correct amount in the Ending Balance field.
  5. Click Save.

For additional reference, you can check these articles below: 

If you need further assistance with the steps, I recommend calling our QuickBooks Online Support Team. They have additional tools to pull up your account and do a remote session. 


Here's how you can contact our phone support: 

  1. Go to: Get help with QuickBooks Online.
  2. Click the contact us link.
  3. Click the Search for something else tab, and type-in Customer Support.
  4. Scroll-down, and click the Get Phone Number.

That should do it! Don't hesitate to click the Reply button below if you have further questions about reconciliation. Wishing you and your business continued success. 

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