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Matching bank feed with QuickBooks credit card feature

Having a difficult time here. We have QuickBooks Credit Card feature - whatever you call it. Clients have been paying their invoices with credit cards. On our Wells Fargo bank account it just says deposit and gives a long number. That is it. Which is understandable as the Bank is not in charge of keeping track of WHO paid. 


When this gets imported into Quickbooks I can see no way to determine what invoice that bank transaction goes to so I can match it. The long number matches nothing I find in quickbooks. Keep in mind we have MANY invoices for the same amount on any given day. I would assume that Quickbooks would know which one was paid because a client had to specifically and intentionally pay their invoice using Quickbooks. However, how do you then match that payment with the bank transaction?  I know don't really have an idea of who paid us without pulling up a deposit report and even then I can't match it to the specific number from Wells Fargo because I have no way to correlate them. 


I have a feeling I'm going to be extremely disappointed here. We have turned off the feature as it is useless if I can't match the transactions. I'm hoping there is an easy solution here. 

QuickBooks Team

Matching bank feed with QuickBooks credit card feature

Hi there, AVDEPT.


When bank transactions get imported into QuickBooks Online, the system automatically finds a match once you have entries from downloaded transactions that have the same information like Transaction Type, Amount, Dates, etc as the one you entered in QBO. Example: A Received transaction will find a matching invoice, deposit, or invoice payment in QuickBooks. With this, you'll have to click the Match option so that the deposit from the customer will link to the invoice and will show as paid in the system.


However, if you're unable to see a match transaction on the Banking page, you can use the Find Match tool and turn on Suggested Matches to see options that might match. Or, you can use filters/searches to locate transactions. Here's how:


  1. From the Banking menu, select Banking and go to the For review tab.
  2. Click the transaction and select Find match. If you can't find the match, click Find other matches.
  3. Turn on the Suggested Matches button. Then, look for the match transactions and check their boxes. 
  4. Select Save.


Also, I've included an article that will help you in matching your transactions: Tips for Working in QuickBooks Online’s Bank Feeds: Matching Transactions.


However, If you're using QuickBooks Payments for your invoices, I suggest contacting our Merchant Support Team. They have the tools to pull up your account to see which invoice one was paid and to whom that deposit is coming from.


In case you have additional questions about payment deposits, see this article: Common questions about payment deposits in QuickBooks Online. It's a list of frequently asked questions about deposits using QuickBooks Payments, along with their answers. You'll also find links to related articles on this topic. 


Don't hesitate to tag my name in the comment section below if you have other concerns in matching your transactions in QuickBooks. I'm always ready to help.

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Matching bank feed with QuickBooks credit card feature

I'm very disappointed by this response. I've been using Quickbooks for 15 years and been using Quickbooks Online for four. This response is like you send to someone who is just learning. There is a real issue here and basically I'm being told  that QB just does it automatically.  My point is if it did it automatically then I wouldn't be writing the email. 


Then the merchant services is blamed. So my diagnosis of the problem is correct? I should not be using QuickBooks merchant services? We've just turned it off for now and people will  need to send in checks because at least I can match payments. 


QuickBooks Team

Matching bank feed with QuickBooks credit card feature

Thank you for your loyalty to our QuickBooks product, @AVDEPT.


My colleague's answer is partly correct. And I'd like to enlighten you on how matching credit card payments to a transaction in QuickBooks Online (QBO) works.


The Merchant Services account isn't the issue here. Once you connected your Merchant Services account in QBO, it'll automatically sync the credit card payments to your invoices without matching them manually. Since you're unable to determine which transactions to match, you can go to your Merchant Services Center account to verify incoming payments. This way, you can check the credit card payments and match them to the correct transaction recorded in your QBO account.


You might want to check out this article to learn more about matching and categorizing transactions in QBO: Categorize and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


If I can be of further assistance managing your bank transactions, I'm just a post away. The Community Team is on the lookout for your response on this thread.

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