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Missing transactions in reconciliation

When I compare my bank statements to my reconciliation records, I see that a couple of transactions exist in my bank statements that do not appear in the reconciliation records. Typically, my process is to export directly from my bank into QuickBooks. Nearly all of the transactions do appear except for these two. Is there a reason that the transactions don't show up? One was a transfer from the bank account to a personal checking account. The other is an automated withdrawal from the account to a financial advising firm. Transactions identical to these types appear elsewhere in reconciliation with no problem.

QuickBooks Team

Missing transactions in reconciliation

Good day, @augd.


Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention and for the detailed information about your concern. I’m here to share a few details about the missing transactions in your reconciliation records in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


There’s a possibility that the downloaded transactions might still be on the Need Your Review tab in the Banking screen. To verify follow the steps below:
1.    Go to the Banking menu at the top.
2.    Choose Bank Feeds and then Bank Feeds Center
3.    Select your bank account from the list.
4.    Click the Transaction List button.
5.    From the Status drop-down, select Need Your Review


I've attached screenshots for your reference.





Once you see the transactions under this tab, select to add them to your records. You may check out this helpful article for more information: Add and match Bank Feed transactions.


If there are no transactions showing in either the Bank Feeds screen or the register, you may manually enter them into QBDT. Here’s an article that will guide you through the process: Create, Modify, and print checks.


That's it. If there’s anything else you need, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m always available here for all of your QuickBooks questions. I’ll keep an eye out for your reply. 

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Missing transactions in reconciliation

Thanks for your reply. There are no transactions to review. I see the link you shared for manually adding transactions. However, I'm concerned about the fact that the export / import missed these two transactions, and it's not the first time I've seen this type of discrepancy. Is this a fixable issue? Is it a known problem?


Missing transactions in reconciliation

The steps given by my colleague are the basic solutions to fix reconciliation discrepancies, augd.


I've checked and found no reported issues related to this. I'd encourage you to get in touch with our Banking Team. We have the tools to check why these transactions are missing, so you can complete your reconciliation in QuickBooks.


Here's how to get our contact number:

  1. Open this link on a browser
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop, and then choose your version.
  3. Click the Solving Issues & Error Messages topic.
  4. Click the Reconcile Errors & Issues sub-topic.
  5. Scroll down and click the Get Phone Number button.

Feel free to keep in touch with me if you have other concerns. I'll be right here to help you some more.

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Missing transactions in reconciliation

According to Intuit's help desk, transactions downloaded through QuickConnect directly into QuickBooks may sometimes drop transactions if the data link doesn't work perfectly. The solution is to download the full transaction file and manually import it. This raises serious questions about how much to trust the data and defeats the purpose of having a QuickConnect feature.


Missing transactions in reconciliation

Hello there, @augd.


Thank you for getting back with me. Allow me to share some additional information about the downloaded bank transactions into QuickBooks.  


The information that QuickBooks Desktop receives is based on what your bank or financial institution shares with us. Also, banks have a different time frame for posting transactions. You can try contacting the bank to help you check the settings when the transactions are imported into QuickBooks. 


Also, protecting the privacy and security of your financial information is our top priority. QuickBooks financial features take advantage of state-of-the-art encryption and authentication technologies, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), digital certificates and RSA encryption to protect the security and privacy of your financial information.


Additionally, QuickBooks requires you to enter in your password to ensure that only people with the correct password have access to your financial information. 


If you need to reach out for more help, our phone agents will be able to help you get to a resolution quickly. They can initiate a screen sharing session to help you find the missing transactions or walk you through in downloading the full transaction file and manually import it. 


Please follow the steps provided by colleague @SophiaAnnL


That should do it. Drop a comment below if you have any other questions about downloading bank transactions. Have a great day.  

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Missing transactions in reconciliation

Augd, remove the check in the Hide transactions after statement's end date box at the top of the reconciliation screen.

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