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My Citicard transactions wont download automatically?

I have to unlink and relink in order to get new transactions from Citicard. Is there a solution?
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QuickBooks Team

My Citicard transactions wont download automatically?

 I appreciate all the processes you've performed to download your bank transactions, jamestgarcia. I'm here to ensure this gets fixed.


We haven't received any similar issues about the transactions not being downloaded automatically. For now, I'd recommend manually updating your bank account to refresh its connection in QuickBooks.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Banking menu and then select Banking.
  2. Select the account.
  3. Click the Update button.


For the new interface, please follow these steps:


  1. Go to the Bookkeeping menu.
  2. Select Banking or Transactions.
  3. Locate your bank account, then click Update.


If you see a message about additional authentication, follow the on-screen instructions. Not all banks require this, but some do for added security.


In case the data aren't still synching, the issue may be on the bank’s end. I'd suggest signing in to their website to verify this. For the detailed steps, please see Step 2 in this article: Can't Download Transactions in QuickBooks Online


You can also manually upload your bank data into QuickBooks Online. Once done, you can start categorizing them.


Additionally, I've included an article that'll help you match your QuickBooks accounts to your bank and credit card statements. This ensures your books are accurate: Reconcile an Account.


Please let me know how it goes, jamestgarcia. I want to ensure that you'll be able to sync the transactions successfully. Keep safe always!

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My Citicard transactions wont download automatically?


Try opening your QBO account on any private/incognito browser.

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My Citicard transactions wont download automatically?

I have tried all of the items suggested to no avail. The only thing that works is unlinking the Citi card account and then linking it again. I thought after a year of having to do this QuickBooks would have resolved this issue. All my other bank accounts download automatically every day or every time I update. This issue is only with the Citi card account.

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