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Payroll Defualt Bank Account

Hello Quickbooks team,
We (Glencadia Corporation) are new customers to Quickbooks and Timesheets WorkForce at Intuit. I am the president and sole owner of the company. We had several bank accounts linked to the Quickbooks account. By linking all accounts, I was hoping that accounting could be streamlined and we could easily produce reports for any possible loans and for taxes.
We have a heavily used primary bank account with a local credit union - Hudson Valley Credit Union (HVCU), another account with a local bank the Bank of Greene County, and an account with Bank of America that was almost never used. When we ran payroll for the first time two weeks ago, Quickbooks payroll defaulted to Bank of America. In every case, we had chosen HVCU but when we logged out for just and minute and logged back in, the system reverted to Bank of America. From our point of view as users, someone at Quickbooks seems to have determined that larger banks, such as BOA, are easier to deal with and link up more commonly and smoothly and BOA has to be de-selected every time you do any transaction.
In any event, when we ran payroll for the first time with direct deposit, your system attempted to fund payroll from a BOA account with almost no funds while the money to pay staff sat in HVCU. Once we realized the issue and understood that the wire instructions, although indicating BOA, did not pertain to any of our own accounts, we wired the money to cover payroll within a few hours of the mistake, which is not entirely our mistake but due to the preferences of the system, as it routinely defaults to BOA.
Somehow, after a glitch on Quickbooks end, this automatic defaulting to one account (while reversible each time, we did not assume that every transaction would require us to re-select and re-link our primary bank account), Quickbooks AI determined that should be shadowbanned from payroll and otherwise treated badly and blacklisted.
We have already committed to using Quickbooks for the time being, as we have invested time and money in setting up our accounts and it makes closing and moving to another vendor difficult, but our "welcome" to this system has been anything but smooth and helpful. We are not happy customers and certainly would not recommend anyone else come over to this system but consider the other options carefully first, Gusto, etc. I am also researching a transition to another vendor. Verbal/voice customer support with Quickbooks is unintelligible due to poor line quality and accent differences between countries, answers vary whenever we call, text support is not available, and we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to contact customer support to correct a glitch on your end, paying staff time to fix your problem. We did not want BOA to be our primary account- that was your error.
Presumably, based on our short experience at QuickBooks, no human with any authority will read this letter that I obviously took time out of my busy day to write, no one will attempt to compensate us for losing money due to a glitch on your side, and no improvements in your payroll system will occur. That is my prediction.
Sincerely, Will

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QuickBooks Team

Payroll Defualt Bank Account

Hello, glencadia.

I would feel the same about the situation if the same thing happened on my end. Allow me to help you with your concern about selecting HVCU for your payroll bank account.


Check the payroll accounting preferences if HVCU was successfully set up as your payroll bank account, not BOA. This could be the reason for the error. Ensure to select the right bank and enter your banking credentials (username and password) correctly by performing these steps:


  1. Choose Settings ⚙ then Payroll Settings.
  2. Look for the section titled Bank Accounts.
  3. In the section titled Bank Accounts, click Edit ✎.
  4. Tap Update.
  5. Hit Add new bank account.
  6. If you bank with one of the 8 banks listed, select the bank and enter your online banking user ID and password. Otherwise, search your bank name or select Enter bank info manually. Enter your routing and account number, then tick Save.
  7. Tap Accept and Submit.


You can check this article for more details: Change your payroll bank account.


In addition, in case you decide to use direct deposit for your employees, check out this article: Set up an employee for direct deposit.


Don't hesitate to reach out to the Community anytime you have questions or concerns about the payroll bank account. The Community and I will be here to help you some more.

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Payroll Defualt Bank Account

Thank you for your response. However, you have missed the point. I know how to select a bank account. I followed exactly these steps several times. I have now de-linked Bank of America, so I don't need these steps at all. I assume I'm talking to an AI who doesn't understand and isn't designed to understand even the simplest nuances of human experience. If you are human, your response might as well be produced by a mindless bot. My issue, as I made clear, is that once the error occurred - and it was a glitch not on my end but on Quickbooks' side - I was shadowbanned and could not do subsequent payrolls when I had only one bank account linked to Quickbooks. The problem is not selecting bank accounts but with defaulting to a big bank over a small one and then punishing users for provider-side glitches. As predicted, I have not received a relevant answer from anyone associated with Quickbooks and the problem will remain for me and other users. If only there were human beings in the world who companies like Quickbooks could pay a living wage to note and forward issues to programmers, also human, who could work to improve systems instead of hiring bare minimum staff, relying on market dominance, and offering a product that is not as effective as it could be. 


Payroll Defualt Bank Account

Hello @glencadia, thank you very much for your time. I appreciate your explanation of what happened with your payroll and I wanted to let you know we definitely care about your experience with us, always. I'll reach out to you through Private Message to talk about this further. Thank you for your patience.

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