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Recent change in category display

Like many practitioners, I use a parent/child/grandchild account set up for various accounts within the chart of accounts. For example, General & Administrative:Utilities:Phone. Historically (prior to 03/02/2022) when categorizing the transactions from the banking tab I would see the entire account structure "General & Administrative:Utilities:Phone" within the category and match column which allowed me to verify exactly where this transaction was being categorized without having to open/expand the transaction. After 03/01/22 this has changed where the category and match column now only displays the child level. In the example above it would only show "Utilites" however if you open/expand the transaction it properly shows General & Administrative:Utilities:Phone. This means I would have to open almost every entry in order to verify where the transaction will be categorized. This would add hours if not days to my monthly workload. Please fix this immediately.

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QuickBooks Team

Recent change in category display

Hi there, @Coluccio. I'm here to share some information about the name displayed in the Category section on the Banking page. 


The sub-accounts are now displayed below the parent account when trying to categorize it in the For review tab. You can input in the Category drop-down the sub-account name to link the transaction easily. 


This is what it looks like:



After it has been successfully categorized, you can check the transaction in the Categorized tab if it has been linked to the correct account. I've added a sample screenshot for your additional reference:



If it's incorrect, you can click on the Undo button beside the transaction and go back to the For review tab. I've added an article to know more about handling bank transactions: Unmatch downloaded bank transactions or move them to another account. It also contains future references such as the reconciliation process and undoing it.


Moreover, I'd recommend sending feedback to our Product Developers to assess it. It might be included in future enhancements for QuickBooks Online (QBO). To send, you can log in to your QBO account and click on the Settings or Gear icon. Then, select Feedback in the Profile section and enter your concern.


I'll be around if you have other questions with categorizing transactions or if you have any questions about the processes in QuickBooks. I'd be more than happy to share some details. Take care!

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Recent change in category display

1 step vs 4 how is that more efficient? Now multiply that new workflow by thousands of transactions and you're talking about completely redefining timelines to complete. BTW, great idea to roll this out during the busiest time of the year... well thought out.

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Recent change in category display

Found this article from last year:


I am having this problem and it creates a huge issue for us. The drop down list when categorizing transactions no longer shows the parent. We have 14 accounts for every property address we manage and I cannot tell which account to map a transaction to without selecting each one. This literally just started. A change happened a few months ago on the chart of accounts search page that was the same where I have to click into each income category to find the one I am looking for. It used to show the parent category on the chart of accounts screen. Is this a setting or a bug or by desire? Help!!!


Recent change in category display

Hello there, Josh. Know that we only wish you to experience the best kind of service while using the program.


As I've checked here on my end, the parent and its sub-accounts are still showing in the category field and in the Chart of Accounts. This could have something to do with some browser issue since QuickBooks Online (QBO) can occasionally be poorly configured due to overloaded site data. I recommend using a different browser or a private window. Here are the following keyboard shortcuts of the supported browsers:

  • Safari: Command + Shift + N
  • Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge: CTRL + Shift + P


If you can finally see the parent and its sub-accounts, it's safe to say that this is a browser-related issue. This can be sorted out by clearing your browser's cache and cookies. This will help QuickBooks to run faster.


Moreover, I'll also share this link where you can browse for articles which can serve as your reference to guide you in managing your QuickBooks account: QuickBooks Online Help Articles.


I'm looking forward to having this sorted out. Feel free to leave a reply if you require further assistance. The Community team always has your back. Have a good one.

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Recent change in category display

Thank you for the quick reply!


I looked up an account in the chart of accounts and you can see it does not display the parent categories: (I used incognito window in chrome.  Should I clear cookies maybe?


Screenshot link:  


Another interesting quirk that started when parent categories stopped displaying is that if I drill into an account by "viewing registry" and then hit the "back to chart of accounts" link, it does not keep my prior search so I have to type it again.  I don't know if this is related or helps at all



Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Recent change in category display

Hey there, @JoshYieldi


I appreciate you coming back to the Community! 


I tested these actions on my end and got the same result. With that being said, the reason for this occurring in your account is by a product update. 


Submitting feedback to our Product Developers would be a great start so they can consider returning to the old display. 


You can also review our Blog to keep up with what's new in the system. 


I hope this helps answer your question. I'm only a reply away if you have any other questions. Take care! 

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