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Reconcile Bank Statements without starting balance ...


We are trying to do our first reconciliation after moving from SAGE.  We did a first reconciliations simply to match the opening balance.

Our problem now is that there are several transactions that are not showing up in our list.  This seems to be because they have already been reconciled.


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Reconcile Bank Statements without starting balance ...

Most Accountants do not recommend using Opening Balance Equity transactions, especially if they are current year transactions. Understand that QBO automatically creates these OBE transactions when you connect your bank and credit card accounts.


It is better to create the "actual" accounting transactions in QBO. You can replace OBE transactions with a "real" transactions and then reconcile them accordingly. You should connect with your Accountant for guidance here before moving forward.


Reconcile Bank Statements without starting balance ...

Welcome to the Community, Hewitt300.

I'm here to share some information about reconciliation in QuickBooks Online.


Once the transactions are reconciled, they will not show on your reconciliation window. The transactions that need to be reconciled will only show on that page.


You may want to check out these recommended articles:


If you need to discuss sensitive information, you may want to call in to speak with an agent so they can further assist you.


To reach us, please follow these steps:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online Company.
  2. Click (?) Help at the upper right corner.
  3. At the bottom, click on Contact us.
  4. Type in your concern then hit Continue.

I'm always here to help you with if you have additional questions about reconciliation in QuickBooks Online.

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