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reconcile reports

I reconciled my accounts for last year and somehow I am now off 1337.35 in April and I'm not sure how to fix it. It says my checking account and credit card are both off the same amount for the same month


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reconcile reports

Good day, @linsey2113!


Let's review the amounts of your transactions and fix your reconciliation successfully.


To start, you'll have to make sure the amounts of your transactions on the Reconcile page matches with the corresponding amount of each transaction shown on your bank or credit card statement.


In addition, you'll have to start from the very first transaction in your bank or credit card statement and compare them with your transactions listed in your account in QuickBooks.


Once done, you'll be able to check and verify if an amount is incorrect and adjust the amount as necessary.


However, I still recommend contacting your accountant for further assistance. And will also give you the correct steps to take if needed to make an adjustment of the amount to fix your reconciliation.


Fill me in if you have any other questions. It'll be always my pleasure to help.

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reconcile reports

The checking and credit card are off the same amount or cancelling amounts?


And you're sure there are no Unreconciled entries?  Maybe a payment that's there that just hasn't been checked off....   Or a duplicate where the real one was checked off so you reconciled, but the duplicate is still there and should be deleted? 


And...   Do you happen to have an Accountant that has access to your QBO?  Regretfully, QBs still hasn't gotten their act together to let you unreconcile your accounts, though it is an option in QBO Accountant.  So if you have an accountant or know of one, you can get them to unreconcile everything so you can start over to find the error.  (Yes a royal pain, but it will clean things up.)


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reconcile reports

@JonpriL did QBO just (finally) add in the option to unreconcile accounts without having QBOA?


The error in question is back in April....


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