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Reconciled "uncleared transactions" from desktop on QB online

2019, we switched from QB desktop to QB online.  Prior to the switch all transactions were cleared and accounts reconciled.  Now all the transactions from 2012 through 2019 appear unreconciled and make the balances on QB difference from the bank balances. I am still able to reconcile all accounts until 2021, but the uncleared transactions show up on the reconciliation report.  I even went back through each of the transactions in the chart of account, and got them all manually reconciled to no avail, it would still say uncleared in the report.  I think I may have to delete, but I would rather not do so if there is a way to get rid of them as uncleared when they in fact have been cleared and reconciled years ago.  Thanks for your help.

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Reconciled "uncleared transactions" from desktop on QB online

Hey there, kadegunwa. Let's get this sorted out.


When a browser stored a lot of caches, it could cause problems like latency issues. As an initial step, you can press the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh the page.


If you're still getting the same result, we can do some of the basic troubleshooting steps. You can use these shortcut keys depending on the browser you're using:


  • Google Chrome: Press CTRL + Shift + N.
  • Safari: Press Command + Shift + N.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Press CTRL + Shift + P.


Once signed in, go back to your report and check if it's still showing the uncleared transactions from there. If it rectifies the issue, go back to your main portal and clear its cache to remove the browser's history or you can press CTRL+Shift and Delete key on your keyboard altogether. You may also try accessing your account using another supported browser.


The following articles are additional references about how reconciliation works in QuickBooks Online:


Fix beginning balance issues if you've reconciled the account in the past QuickBooks Online.

Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online.


Let me know how it goes by leaving a reply below. I'd be happy to get back and help you out.

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Reconciled "uncleared transactions" from desktop on QB online

The items are still there as uncleared.  When I called the help desk of QB, (a few times) they were not able to help.  I think the problem happened when I migrated from QB desktop to QB online.  Because all the transactions were cleared and reconciled on the desktop, I think this was not recognized by the online version. Literarily, all the transactions from desktop are showing up as unreconciled.  I just need a way for the online version to recognize that it was imported information, or find a way to get rid of it.

QuickBooks Team

Reconciled "uncleared transactions" from desktop on QB online

Thank for dropping by here in the Community, @kadegunwa. I'll provide some information about the feature difference between QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.


Certain features, products, and transactions that don't migrate to QuickBooks Online may create changes in the appearance of your books. Check this article to know what data move from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.


I suggest  you have to reconcile them manually in QuickBooks Online.


I've added this article that will guide you manage you transactions:


Be back if you still have additional concern in your banking transactions. I'll here to support you.

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