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Setting up online banking - QB 2020 Mac Desktop

I'm getting started with QB 2020 Desktop for the Mac. Trying to follow the Online Banking Setup but something is wrong. The wizard has me pick my bank (fine), then tells me to go to the bank's website and download a statement (fine). Then I am to go to Downloaded Transactions and select Import File to import the statement (not at all fine).

When I go to DT, it tells me that online banking is not set up and I need to run through the wizard to do so. So I do all of the above AGAIN, but when it comes back to DT, and I try to import file, all of the files in my Downloads folder are grayed out (they are PDFs) and I can't select to import. Maybe it wants another file format, but my institution (Citibank) doesn't seem to give an option other than PDF...

Please, someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here... Googling has been a waste of time thus far.

I have had no trouble downloading from Citi to Moneydance, so this is definitely a QB issue.

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Setting up online banking - QB 2020 Mac Desktop

Is the Wizard your talking about when you start from the Banking drop down menu?  I've never set it up that way, but I've also never had an issue.  So try this.


Go to your Chart of Accounts and if the Bank Acct is not already set up, create it.  Be sure to include the Acct# and all other info you can.  If it does exist (or after you create it) EDIT the Acct. 


In the Windows version a window will open and there is a Tab for Bank Feed Settings, I believe it is the same in the Mac version.  If it's not right there, it may be a typical Mac thing where it's in a menu at the top of the screen.  Once you get into the Bank Feed Settings, follow the steps and see if they are any different. 


I usually do it this way and only put in the bank name and then my login credentials. 

(At least up through QBDT2021, haven't loaded QBDT2022 yet.)

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Setting up online banking - QB 2020 Mac Desktop

Thanks for the help!


As far as I can tell, the Mac version does not have Bank Feed Settings.  However, further experimentation led me to discover a different bank listing for Citi that ended up working via Direct Connect.  I had to go to Citi's site and enable a new direct connection (you get a time-limited window to then connect with QuickBooks).  After that it worked great.  

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Setting up online banking - QB 2020 Mac Desktop

You are correct. QB for Mac 2020 does not have a bank feed option and that is what all the instructions I can find tell me to do. What is the correct way to do this? 


QuickBooks Team

Setting up online banking - QB 2020 Mac Desktop

Thank you for posting on this thread, MarthaCR.

I’m here to help and guide you on how to connect your bank to QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) for Mac. Let’s go to the Online Banking Setup page to accomplish this task.

Before proceeding, make sure to prepare the following requirements. This is to ensure you can successfully link the account.


  • QuickBooks is connected to the Internet.
  • Your Financial Institution (FI) provides online banking services to QuickBooks.
  • An online banking account is set up with your bank.
  • You have your customer ID and password/PIN ready (Direct Connect). You can get your credentials from your bank.

To connect the account (Direct Connect):


  1. In your company file, head to the Banking menu to select Online Banking Setup.
  2. Then enter your Financial Institution (FI) name and choose Next.
  3. If your bank offers both services, pick Direct Connect and click Next to proceed.
  4. If the account isn’t activated for QuickBooks online services, select No. This redirects you to contact your bank.
  5. If your bank account is activated for QuickBooks online services, choose Yes and then Next.

To complete the setup process, follow the recommended instructions in this article: Set up online banking for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. Then go to the Setup Direct Connect section and proceed to the steps that best fit your scenario.

After activating the Bank Feeds feature, QuickBooks will display your downloaded transactions.  Then tries to match them to the ones in your register.

In case you encounter any bank feeds issues, this article will show you how to fix them: Fix online banking issues in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

For additional resources, the following link contains topics that will help you efficiently handle any banking-related activities such as making deposits, categorizing downloaded entries, reconciling an account, etc: QuickBooks for Mac self-help articles.

Keep me posted if you have additional questions or concerns in connecting your account to online banking. I’ll pop right back in to assist further. Have a great day ahead.

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