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Synced CC Account; How do I record Partial Payments that are listed as CC Credits


I recently linked a business credit card to our QB account, and am in the process of recording all the charges/payments.  We make intermittent payments on the credit card through the cards website (the payments are made from our checking account, which is not currently synced to QB...they are input manually.  Working on getting checking account synced...will most likely be my next post ;o).  The payments that were made are showing up as "CC Credits" in the synced transactions, and I am not sure what to do with them.  Here are the questions I have...

1.  Do I record them, and if so do I need to "match" them to the payment we made from our checking account?

2.  When recording, what "payee" and "account" do I put them under?  I classified all the other expenses to their appropriate expense account, but dont know how to handle these!


Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

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QuickBooks Team

Synced CC Account; How do I record Partial Payments that are listed as CC Credits

Hello there, @NoviceButTrying. I can help you with how to record transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.


It appears that you entered your credit card account information in the account area at the bottom of the credit card credit transaction. This results in a debit and a credit to the same account, which cancel out.


A credit card allows you to borrow money to make purchases or pay expenses. You can use QuickBooks Desktop to set up your credit card account and keep track of the charges and payments you've made.


I added this article on how to set up, use, and pay credit card accounts in QuickBooks Desktop.


I also suggest consulting your accountant, who can advise you on the best accounts and methods for your specific books.


Additionally, here are some article that can help you manage your banking transactions.



Remember to post your comments in the Community. I'm only a short distance away.

Level 2

Synced CC Account; How do I record Partial Payments that are listed as CC Credits

Hello Christine,

I do not understand the response!


Our CC account was linked through the Banking Feeds, and the transactions were pulled over through WebConnect by downloading the statements/transactions.  In the transactions list, all of our charges appeared, as well as the payments we made.  The payments show up as CC Credit.


So as of now, we have classified all the CC charges...but I still have (4) pending transactions that are CC Credits (these were the 4 payments we made on the card.  The payments were made through the CC website, prior to us connecting the account to our QB file...which I believe is the reason they show up as CC Credits on the statement).


Should we record these CC Credit transactions or delete them?

QuickBooks Team

Synced CC Account; How do I record Partial Payments that are listed as CC Credits

Thanks for getting back to us in Community, @NoviceButTrying. I’m here to assist you in sorting out this issue with your credit card transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

First, you can record the transaction by writing a check. Then, your payments will show up in your credit card register and you can reconcile the account from there.

Here’s how:

  1. From the Banking menu, select Write Checks.
  2. From the Bank account ▼ dropdown, choose Checking.
  3. Select the date of your payment.
  4. Select the name of your credit card company from the Pay to the order of ▼ dropdown or you can leave it as blank.
  5. Enter the amount of your payment.
  6. Select the Expenses tab.
  7. On the Account ▼ dropdown, select your credit card account.
  8. Select Save & Close.

    write checks.png

From there you can now match those transactions from the banking page under your Checking account.

Moreover, I’ll be adding this article to further guide you through this process of setting up, using, and paying for credit card accounts in QBDT.

Additionally, you can check out these helpful resources to guide you along the way:

If you have any further questions or concerns about managing your transactions in QBDT, please know that you can always tag my name. I'm here to help you in any way I can. Enjoy your day!

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