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Turn Off "Rule Applied Auto-Recognized" Make it Stop


I am using QB Desktop 21 and would like to keep using the banking feature.   It has decided to make some of its own rules and automatically match transactions with whatever it thinks the transaction should be.  Each transaction shows up in the recognized column even though a corresponding transaction has not been entered.  I don't want the software telling me a transaction is matched when it is in fact not matched.  I have not created any rules, nor do I want any rules whatsoever.  Please make the software not have any rules, it is a terrible accounting practice, to begin with.  

QuickBooks Team

Turn Off "Rule Applied Auto-Recognized" Make it Stop

Good day, ndamo.


Currently, we're unable to turn off the auto-match feature in QuickBooks Desktop. When QuickBooks tries to automatically match downloaded transactions to any entries, you can review the matches before adding them to the register. 


Additionally, the software makes a match if the bank feeds and the transactions that you've manually entered in the register have the same information.


To ensure the matches are correct, I recommend creating banking rules. For more details, I suggest checking this article's Optional - Create rules to categorize transactions section: Add and Match Bank Feed Transactions.


I've also included an article that'll help you ensure your accounts matches your bank statements. This helps you ensure your books are accurate: Reconcile Workflow.


For more banking concerns, you can always click the Reply button. This way, we'll be able to assist you.

Level 3

Turn Off "Rule Applied Auto-Recognized" Make it Stop

If you guys could please just add an option to turn off the confusing and useless "Auto Accountant" feature, that'd be great.  

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