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Unable to update link to banking account

Hi. I am trying to reconnect my bank account with Santander to QBO. When I go in and follow your instructions it isn't recognizing my Santander account and password.  I am able to successfully log in via Santander's business site. So I know the login information I am using is correct.  Can you please help? 

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Unable to update link to banking account

If you scan this community and the other L/S community you will find numerous posts with the same problem different banks. All you can do is call intuit support and see if they are working on the issue with your specific bank, and if not get them started.


There is no contractual agreement between the banks and intuit to provide that download service, and any changes the bank makes that affects that connection may break your connection. Several local banks have stated they will no longer support live feeds, since their support people spend way too much time on issues that are not the banks problems.

Until, if, they get it fixed, you can log into your bank site, and look for a download that uses any of the following file types, that download can be imported into QB (.qbo, .qfx, .ofx). TO import, if I remember right, top right corner under update QBO is the link to import that manually downloaded file.


Not much consolation or help I know, but this user community can not affect Intuit operations.

Relying on banking downloads to make your entries is a misconception intuit advertising promotes, IMO. You should be making the entries as they occur, and then you just match the download if and when you get it, or do a manual reconcile from a statement - 5 min max monthly. Making entries as they occur is the only way to have an accurate current company financial file.

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Unable to update link to banking account

Rustler Your absolutely  right! I battled back and forth with intuit and my bank! was on the phone with both for 3 hours on time. Everything was fine until my bank did a security update and everything went to hell after that! The best advice is right here, just do it manually, and download your transactions from your bank site after you have logged in to it. My hair is finally growing back, from pulling it out! Save yourself from all the stress and do it manually! Trust me I had to go back 2 years worth to reconcile my account in QB!

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