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Unexpected error in banking screen

When I go to the Banking screen in Quick books online  there is  the following error:

Something’s not quite right
An unexpected error occurred while accessing or saving your data. Please wait a few minutes and try again. If the problem persists, contact customer support.
All my transactions for review and in quick books are missing.  There is also  no update button to manually refresh.    I reported the issue in early September and the rep cleared my cache and used different browser and it still did not work.  They opened a case however it has been many weeks and this is still not fixed!!!  I am at a loss on what to do as I need to update my books!
Content Leader

Unexpected error in banking screen

The Community has you covered, @ejoanna.


Based on the troubleshooting you've done so far, I'd recommend performing a full disconnect and reconnect on the Bank Feed to resolve the unexpected error. I'll guide you through every step of the process below:


Disconnect the bank feed

  1. From QuickBooks Online, navigate to the Banking tab. Select the In QuickBooks tab. Make a note of the date and amount of the last transaction you successfully imported and added.
  2. Above, in the blue box for the bank with the error, click the tiny Pencil icon (✎). Select Edit Account Info.
  3. Check the box to Disconnect this account on save. Click Save and close to disable the bank feed. Remember, this won't remove existing transactions, only halt the download of future items.

These steps are also available in our guide on disconnecting bank accounts here. I'm including a brief video depicting this process below:



Reconnect the bank feed

  1. Navigate to your online banking website. Make sure you're on the blank (logged out) sign-in screen for your account, and copy the URL from the bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Head back to QuickBooks Online and to the Banking screen. Click Add account.
  3. Paste your bank's URL in the search bar to find the most up-to-date extension. If none appear, try searching with your bank's name as well.
  4. Click the correct extension and follow the on-screen instructions to connect.
  5. Once finished, head back to the Banking tab > For Review section. QBO will have downloaded the last 90 days of transactions for your account, some of which you may already have in QuickBooks. To rid of the duplicates, find the transaction you made a note of in the very first step, and check the box for it and every transaction before it. If it's easier, consider adding all of the transactions following it so you can Select All of the remainders needing removed.
  6. From the Batch Actions menu, click Exclude selected.

The steps for creating this connection in QBO are also available from the link here. This will force QuickBooks to create a fresh connection with your bank that should resolve the error. If the issues persists, let me know here so I can explore alternative options for updating your books. Thanks for bringing this to the Community, I look forward to hearing from you.

Level 3

Unexpected error in banking screen

I cannot do what you  describe because the banking screen is totally broken.  I don't have a blue box, add  account,  or update button.  There are ZERO transactions showing for "in quickbooks".   See the attached screen shot. 

Content Leader

Unexpected error in banking screen

Thanks for the clarification, @ejoanna.


This sort of behavior is often the result of browser hang-ups that your initial cache clearing should have resolved. I recommend accessing QuickBooks Online in a Private browsing window to ensure there are no outdated files leading to the errors.


I'll provide the keyboard shortcuts below that will help you accomplish this in all supported browsers:


  • Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Internet Explorer: Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Safari: Command+Shift+N

These private windows load all pages by downloading a fresh copy of everything you see on the screen, which may help resolve the broken Banking section. If the issue persists, there's an alternative method for disconnecting the account that will help get things rolling again. Follow the steps below to get started:


Disconnect a bank feed from the Chart of Accounts

  1. From QuickBooks Online, navigate to the Accounting tab. Select the Chart of Accounts section.
  2. Next to the Bank account experiencing the error, click the Dropdown (▼) arrow and select Edit.
  3. Check the box to Disconnect this account on save. Click Save and close to disable the bank feed. 

The video below gives a quick example of this process:



Once the feed is disconnected, the Banking section will stop trying to load the errant connection and allow you to reconnect. Please know I'm always available here for all of your QuickBooks needs, I'm determined to get this fixed for you. Thanks again, wishing you a safe and relaxing weekend ahead.

Level 3

Unexpected error in banking screen

It is not browser hangups.  I have tried this on multiple computers, multiple browsers, and multiple networks.  All of these result in the same thing. 


Disconnecting the bank feed does not make sense as there are MULTIPLE bank and credit card feeds that are all missing transactions in the quickbooks feed.  How possibly could ALL OF THEM be missing.  

Level 3

Unexpected error in banking screen

I went through this with your reps every single time I called you many times. It's not solving the situation.  This is going on since AUGUST.


You have a problem with your software and I can see other users have had it too.  It needs to be fixed on your side but Intuit is not doing anything in my case.


We got escalated in September and the problem wasn't fixed. We got an investigation set up 3 weeks ago (number 19934) and nothing has been done since.  I have 4 retail stores to run and I can't run my business without access to my books for 3 months. I need your urgent help to fix your software for my account. 

Level 3

Unexpected error in banking screen

It looks like this was the same issue ( as the screens look the same as mine.  Why can't I have mine fixed like these users?  It also looks like there is another person recently with the same issue.

Level 3

Unexpected error in banking screen

I called again today and after 50 minutes on the phone I was told "they are working on it" and they can't provide me the date when they would fix it.    It started in AUGUST and it's almost the end of NOVEMBER. 


  • Why can't they fix my account as they did it for others?
  • Why they can't specify the date it's going to be fixed? It has been 3 months. They should know where they stand with their work.  I have never heard about anybody working without a deadline.

Obviously I am one of their thousand of customers so they don't care. I'm being held hostage and can't finish my books for August, September and October. II have 4 retails stores and thousands of transactions to process. 


It's not an issue with banks accounts. I can't see any bank accounts (5 of them) nor I can add a new one.  





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