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We recently synced our QBO with a software called Clio. in initial sync it has created some duplicate clients. Can I delete those safely?

Does anyone else have experience with this software and its initial sync?
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Re: We recently synced our QBO with a software called Clio. in initial sync it has created some d...

Thanks for visiting the Community today, Marie6,


I can show you how to correct duplicate clients in QuickBooks Online.


Our Support Team has not noted any reported issues with customers being duplicated after syncing with Clio. What you can do is to make sure these customers are mapped correctly before the sync.


To get past this issue, you can either delete or merge your QBO customers. Let me guide you how to do that:


Delete a customer:

  1. Select Sales from the navigation panel.

  2. Go to the Customers tab.

  3. Click the customer's name.
  4. Select Edit under the Toolbar.

  5. Select Make inactive.

  6. Choose Yes to confirm the deletion.
  7. Click Save.

Merge customers:

  1. Click Sales.

  2. Go to the Customers tab.

  3. Make sure the customers you wish to merge are at the same sub-level.
  4. Choose the customer whose name you don't wish to use, then select Edit.
  5. Change the customer's name in Display name as, so that it is the same as the other customer's name.
  6. Select Save.

  7. Choose Yes to confirm.

That should fix the problem, Marie6. You can also refer to this article to know more about managing customer records in QuickBooks Online: How to add, delete, merge, and restore a customer


Additionally, to know more about how Clio works with other software like QuickBooks, I'd recommend getting in touch with the Clio Support Team. They can provide you in-depth details about how their software integrates with another software.


Please keep me in the loop if you have any questions with QuickBooks. I'll be your happy guide. Have a good day!

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