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Webconnect Issues with Bank of America Credit Card

HI All,

Since it does not seem like the webconnect issues will be solved anytime soon, has anyone found a reasonable work around?  I have a year's worth of CC transactions that I need to import and categorize.  


Thanks in advance.


Tim Carroll

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Webconnect Issues with Bank of America Credit Card

Hello there, @tim41.


Let me share a few details on how you can get your BofA credit card transactions to QuickBooks Online.


Since your bank has Webconnect issues, you can import bank transactions from CSV file to QuickBooks. This way, you can upload it by using the Import data feature.


Make sure to have a copy of your bank statement from your financial institution that will serve as your guide. And then use it to create a .CSV file and upload it to QuickBooks. For additional reference, please visit the following video article to see the CSV file format: Import bank transactions from .CSV to QuickBooks.


Once the file is imported, you'll want to categorize, match and add them to your account register.


If you have anything to ask, feel free to place a comment below. I'll keep my notifications open. Have a fantastic day!

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Webconnect Issues with Bank of America Credit Card

Thank you for your reply.  When i download the .csv file there are a number of columns that I need to delete, because when I attempt to upload to QB online, it only allows up to column 5 from the drop down menus for date / description / amount.  In my .csv file the date is column 4, and the description is column 6.  When i delete those columns and try to upload to QB, it says the file type is not valid.  What am I missing/

QuickBooks Team

Webconnect Issues with Bank of America Credit Card

Thanks for getting back to us, @tim41.


To import a .csv file you must use either a 3-column or 4-column format. A 3-column format must have a  Date, a Description, and the Amount of the transaction. A 4-column has a Date column, a Description column, and both a Credit and a Debit column.


On the Map CSV columns window, you'll have to match the QuickBooks Online fields (Date, Description, and Amount) to your statement fields (the columns in your CSV file).


You can check this how to import bank transactions using Excel CSV file article for more information.


Don't hesitate to drop a comment below if you have other questions. I'm more than happy to help.

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